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Holiday update

Hello all

Well back from my jaunt to Barbados and have to say what a fantastic holiday considering my concerns only nine weeks after my ablation when we went.

From AF perspective it really went so much better than I could ever of expected in particular being able to have a beer, in fact I actually ad a drink everyday, the norm would be 2/3 bottles of beer midday, G&T early evening and a glass or two of wine with dinner, and bar two nights when I had a few flutters, which I took my 1.25mg Bisoprolol and that calmed everything down almost immediately.

I eat very well and also including my daily magnesium supplements which I took with me, I was also slightly concerned the heat might of had an impact, but no, happy days came back relaxed and tanned.

I have my post ablation check up this coming Friday off all meds bar the odd Bisoprolol 1.25mg in a day so fingers xx'd should be good news

Thanks all for the well wishes prior to me going off on holiday, did not respond as did not want to tempt fate either before or whilst away.


One thing I did indulge in which I have never been into was ice cream, it was fantastic at the hotel we stayed in and was informed it would help me put back on the weight I lost, so I gladly indulged, not sure i put any weight on though, but enjoyed the effort haha

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Well done.good news stories are always welcome.


Fantastic ! sounds like all is well, fingers crossed.



Good news Mick, it's very encouraging to read positive posts like this. :-)) sounds like the beast is under control


What a relief for you Mick, hope it continues :)


So pleased you have had a marvellous holiday, lovely positive news.


welcome back to the good (af free) life :-)


Glad it went so well. How refreshing. It's great when you take a step that you feel is a bit bold and it pays off.


Great news. Lovely to hear and encouraging for all those who worry about going abroad.


Nice one Pal! Glad you had a great time.


Thanks everyone

Yep fingers x'dd that was a telling period due to in particular the change in routine, drinking eating sleeping etc etc and so great to have QOL back considering where things were back in Jan/Feb this year.

I know it's a short period but for those thinking of the ablation route whereby meds etc are not keeping your AF at bay GO FOR IT, even for this period my life got back to some form of normality, and yes I know AF will always play a part in my life and wil probs be forever vigilant of that, but as for now happy days.

Those close to me have also greatly benefited due the effect on their lives, in the main how I had changed personally, it really has been an emotional roller coaster.


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