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Post ablation holiday

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Hi Everyone

It is now 6 weeks since my ablation for Atrial Flutter. I am still taking 20mg Rivaroxoban and 2.5 mg Bisoprolol and feel fine. Having been nowhere last year, I decided I needed a holiday so have booked a cruise (3 days in Barcelona and 7 days round the Med.) leaving on Feb. 29th.

I don't have my follow up appointment with the EP until April, but was told at the time that the ablation was a success. I hear a lot about people having a 'pill in the pocket' for emergencies and wonder if I should go to by GP and ask for one - just in case. When I had problems last year with a fast heart rate that led to heart failure, all they did was keep doubling my Bisoprolol until it was so bad I went for a cardioversion. So maybe I'm worrying for nothing What can happen in 10 days?

I'd really value some opinions.


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Just make sure that you have enough drugs to last you plus some for emergency should you be delayed anywhere. Make sure that you keep well hydrated and stay off the alcohol for now. Enjoy you holiday.

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hydrangea in reply to BobD

Thanks. I'll take extra of the Bisoprolol and Rivaroxoban - I don't need anything else?

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PeterWh in reply to hydrangea

I would email your EP (you may need to contact EP's secretary to get email address )and send in an email explaining that you are going on a cruise, etc. Don't rely on word of mouth because things notoriously get distorted or missed out!! I always write message first and then when the person says I can relay the question I always say I have written the email and I only need to add the recipient. EWorkd every time.

I trust that you have updated your insurance company.

Have a good holiday.

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hydrangea in reply to PeterWh

Thanks - good advice.

Got my ablation in a couple of weeks and am so looking forward to thinking about holidays when it's all calmed down. Holidays = normal life.

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hydrangea in reply to AlanAF

You're right. I must stop worrying now and just enjoy!


I had my ablation February 15 (got all clear November 14) and I went on holiday 2weeks Carribeean in the April, stuck to my 2.5 Bisoprolol as a pill in the pocket and when I had the odd episode I took one and was fine.

I was off the Rivoxiban before I went.

Oh and I enjoyed a few beers and wine with dinner, so go enjoy yourself you will be fine.

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MickN in reply to MickN

oops all clear November 15

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hydrangea in reply to MickN

That's reassuring - thanks.

Visit to the gp is wise .All you can lose us a hour .

Make sure your travel insurance covers you - mine was suspended for 6 months after the ablation which seemed insane to me as I was 1000% healthier, but they wouldn't budge.

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