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Got a letter from GP's to talk about my bloods?

Got my mail today and a hand written letter marked first class. To find it was from my GP surgery asking me to book an appointment to talk over my blood tests ASAP? This was a first for me and to be honest put some strange thoughts though my head.

On to the appointment desk and the usual long wait to speak to someone with intermittent recorded voice saying "All lines are busy, sorry for the wait, your call will be answered shortly" Eventually a person pipes up "Reception" and I explain the reason for the call with my name and address to confirm who I am. Within a few minutes she asks can I get in by 16:10 today! Confirms the Doctor who will see me.

When we logged into their automatic sign in screen and waited for the flashing banner to announce to all of the people in the waiting area who is next and who they are seeing? Up I flash and my wife and I go into see my not usual GP.

Met with a greeting and smile and "Why are you here today?" Explained my A&E and ambulatory care visits with the many blood tests and examinations I had with the change of tablet strength. The letter the surgery had sent me to discuss my blood tests! Well a rummage though the notes etc.on the screen and the tests came on screen. Ahhh! You had an RA test as well! It is inconclusive so you may still have RA? Your Uric Acid is very high so the gout is a problem still but the tablets that you take could/will affect your lungs long term. How are you walking with the gout? All I could say was "Badly!" "You have a high pain tolerance don't you?" she replied then another look and it seems my liver is showing low levels of vit D and some other things that help it function. The Kidneys are working a little harder than they should. I want you to come off Statins as it may be the cause of the pain in the muscles. "Were you poorly with the Sotalol you were on?" when I said "No I was feeling a lot better on that than the new tablets I am on and my breathing is worse" Another look up and down the screen and she tells me "Sorry that does not look like it will improve, but next time you see the lung specialist he will be able to explain in more detail?" So it ended with her telling me that until we find the triggers to all my problems I have to live with things as they are. Have another blood test in 2 weeks and we will see if there is a pattern to the last results?

At least it was sunny today!

Be Well

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Ah ha, the one I like is "You are in a queue, your call is important to us", 20 minutes later, "You are in a queue, your call is important to us". I'm thinking why don't you answer the phone then :-) .

Re statins, I was on one and it gave me muscle problems. The nurse changed me to a more expensive one (her words) and it has worked and no muscle problem either. She said if it didn't work, there was also an even more expensive one. So according to what my nurse said, statins are prescribed in order of cost (and I'm not criticising that, makes sense, but it's good to know).



The GP yesterday said to me that Statins are prescribed under licence for cholesterol but people at risk of stroke and heart attacks are given them as a preventer.

I am allergic to iodine which is a problem for some scans. I was due a CT scan but because of the allergy had to have an MRI with 3 bags of very expensive liquid. Sorry NHS.


Evidently your surgery has one of those new fangled gadgets than came in more than 100 years ago enabling them to speak to you remotely and hear you. Why send a first class letter when they could have phoned you to say there was nothing dramatic in your results but they needed discussion?

At least this was a fresh approach from a different GP if nothing else! But it does sound like your next lot of blood tests may show up a bit more and paint a clearer picture.

Lucky you having a sunny day. Us up north had some drizzle and it was a bit chilly.


I thought that as well. I tell them time and again, leave a message on the AM. If you do not want to say what it is about fine just say please call the surgery?

I called once about a chest Xray and was told by the receptionist it is a mild infection when it turned out I had pneumonia! But only found that out a week later as I was feeling worse and went back to the GP who gave me an ear bending for not coming earlier. He soon shut up when I told him what I was told on the phone.


Ah. Phone maybe not the best.

I know someone who had an incomprehensibly technical letter from the Blood Donor people full of test results following rejection at the initial blood test at a donor session. It looked like raging leukemia at the very least (it was before the days of Google) and said they were to visit the doctor, which they did right away in serious panic. False alarm. It was mild anaemia.


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