Me in NSR :) (with Atrial Ectopics)

Me in NSR :)     (with Atrial Ectopics)

Hi everyone. I have previously shared an ECG when I was in AF. Now I am sharing an ECG of me in NSR after being on Flecainide for a month. This was taken today and I saw my EP for the first time who told me that I WILL require an ablation, it is just a matter of when. A decision I will have to make at some point. If you look at the bottom trace title 'Rhythm' you will see that some of the wave complexes are close together (Atrial ectopic beats). My EP explained that this is my heart trying to break through into AF but it is being stopped from doing so, presumably by the Flecainide (for now at least). How long will it be before it breaks through? No one knows...As I have only been on Flec for a month or so, I have decided to bear with it and 'see how things go' for now. My EP explained that from the ECG he can tell that there is a strong likelihood my additional electrical impulses are coming from the pulmonary veins so the success of ablation would be 80%. My MRI was clear though so that is great news. I hope that this is of some interest/help to someone... thank you for listening! :)

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  • Informative! A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Interesting ECG!

    My feeling is that, if ablation is offered and seems the way forward, it's best to get on an EP's waiting list and make a decision about postponing the procedure, if you feel it appropriate, when you are towards the top of the list.

  • Sensible advice. Thank you!

  • You don't say what level of Flec you are on. 18 months ago I was started on 50mgs x2 per day and had 9 AF breakthroughs in month. Both the cardiologist and the EP said you need an ablation with a 70% chance of success. I agreed with cardiologist we should first try a medium high Flec dose of 100mgs x2 per day, that stopped it straight away.

    However, I didn't feel well until I saw a Naturopath who put me on Nutri Ultra Muscleze (a Mg compound with other v good heart stuff) and CoQ10. I also follow this up with a host of lifestyle/diet changes.

    Good luck - many will advise here go for ablation sooner rather than later but its a very individual decision and in my case it was and still is postponement. Agree with Rellim at your early stage get on the waiting list.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you orchard worker. I am on 2 x 50mg tablets at the moment as you were. I am guessing that maybe at some point I might be in a very similar position to you in that I will try a higher dose IF I start to get breakthroughs. I have started taking fish oil, garlic and magnesium supplements but will look up what you take as that might be a lot easier than ordering all the individual tabs! Thank you

  • I have recently been put on 2 Xbox 50 MG of flecainide how long does it take to see results

  • Hi Betsy. For me, after 2 days of taking them I went back to hospital as I was still in AF. I expected them to work straight away. I soon reverted back to NSR but don't know if that would have happened anyway. I was told it takes a couple of weeks to see the benefits but I guess every case is different. Touch wood, I've not had a 'noticeable' episode since then. I probably would have done by now going on previous episodes if it wasn't for the Flecainide so I'm quietly 'hopeful' 😊

  • Thank you for your reply what is NSR

  • No probs. It stands for Normal Sinus Rhythm ☺

  • Hi yanbart,

    Quality advice from Rellim296.

    I notice at the bottom of your ECG, it was done at Glenfield. Which EP did you see?

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Barry. Dr Sandilands. I was very impressed with him. He does the ablations himself.

  • Hi yanbart,

    That is good news.



  • Hi Yanbart. Looks like my previous ECGs.

    I was on 50mgs Flecainide x 2 and it held the AF off becoming too regular for 7 years .

    I'm now on 100mgs x 2 but the AF keeps breaking through so I've to make the decision now about ablation.

    Rellims advice is good. If offered say yes, you can always change your mind.

    That's what I'm going to do.

    Scary I know but the alternative isn't good.

    Even though I'm on NOACS I'm still scared I'm going to have a stroke, I would rather die than live with the debilating effects of a stroke.

    I know that sounds drastic, but after nursing stroke patients and seeing my auntie have one aged 50 and the quality of her life after is a living hell for me.

    Gosh I sound morbid, sorry about that, it must be the grey mis weather getting to me.

    So say yes when offered then you have time to assess the situation and make a decision later. Denise.

  • Hi Denise no need to apologise! I know how horrible strokes can be. It's interesting that 50mg of flec worked for 7 years, that's quite a significant period of time. Thank you

  • Hi Yan...this is how I started as well. My trouble was coming from the right side, but probably would have led to full blown Afib eventually. I had an ablation 10 days ago for A flutter but sure enough, he was able to induce Afib as well with drugs that pace the heart way up there (like an atrial rate of 360 to 400...didn't know what was possible!) I am on Flec and am still having ectopics, but he assures me that is to be expected as my heart heals. I'm the fellow exerciser/mountain biker, so now my challenge is to let time heal my heart and then figure out how to find a heart-healthy way to exercise in the future. I will say that the ablation experience itself was a very positive one for me..I'd do it again (but pray I never need to!)

  • Hi! So pleased it went well for you. Best of luck with the healing process and recovery. Yes it's amazing what they can do and a rate of 400 just seems unbelievable! Let us know how you get on and I hope you are back on that bike very soon 😊

  • That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing! I'm new to all of this and need all the visuals I can get.

  • Hi Pat. Glad it was of interest. I have another post on here showing an ECG of when I was in AF. You should have a look as the difference is quite amazing.

  • I too went on Flecanide after being admitted to the hospital over two years ago. The Flecanide worked for 3 months (Flecanide can cause major dizziness) and then AF came on again. I was cardioverted with no problem back into NSR. I had the ablation two months later. The ablation held for 6 months and then AF again. Cardioverted successfully again, ablation two scheduled and performed 6 months later ( second ablation was one full year after the first one). 9 months after the second ablation now and no Flecanide, no Eliquis, and only an aspirin and a beta blocker each day. It is so nice to not have bouts with AF any longer. My EP is amazing and he told me that he actually saw the radio marks that he did regenerate slightly which lead to having to have the second ablation. He said he got them and that there is a 95% chance that I will never have it again.

  • Well that's great news you've been given such a high chance of success now! Sorry you had to go through the mill to get there but I'm sure you think it's worth it now. Interesting that flecainide only worked for a short period for you. Thanks for your reply and I wish you well. Take care yan

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