Numbness and tingling after ablation


The weird sensation in my leg are just as bad - though no worse.

Wasn't given discharge papers, so rang the ward to ask for a tel. no. to discuss my concerns. I was told to go to my GP or if I was really worried, A&E. That spooked me, so managed to get an appointment the same day with my GP. She said the strange sensations in my leg were most likely caused by a nerve disturbed during the ablation. If it didn't swell or spread down my leg I mustn't worry about it. She thought it would probably gradually disappear, but if not I'd have to live with it.

I feel better now I know it's not dangerous. Am I the only one to have this? It would be reassuring to know that someone had it and it faded away.

Thanks for all your replies


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  • I had numbness in my lower right leg, I remember them pulling out the cathater and someone applied enormous pressure on my upper right leg at the time to reduce blood loss I suspect, I was told it would gradually disapear, part of my leg was discoloured (red) looked like blood had leaked inside, ( sorry not very technical ), I had to use a pillow in bed to support my leg when I laid on my left side, as it was so uncomfortable

    two and a half years on its got much better almost back to normal, been along time though, I did see my GP and a cardologist at the time.

  • Oh dear, that sounds worse than mine! Glad it's almost back to normal.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Pretty much what I suggested then.

  • Sorry Bob, I wrote a reply but it's not here - perhaps I didn't submit it. I said 'I didn't for one minute doubt you!' which I didn't. Great diagnosis.

  • I had a stabbing pain down the inside of my leg when I tried to walk upstairs which sent the inner thigh muscle in to spasm. I had to walk up the stairs one at a time for a few weeks. Assumed it was an irritated nerve. It is fine now.

  • Thanks - glad it's fine. I'm sure mine will be too.

  • Hello,this is the first time I have read that anyone else has experienced this.

    18 months down the line I still have the nerve vibration down the leg and discomfort in the quads going to the groin.

    I have regular massage on the leg which helps.

    Like yourself I have been told it is something I have to live with...

    It is now 75% better I would say so please don't worry it will get easier.


  • Thanks, Carol. Knowing there are other people who have experienced this is reassuring.

  • Yes, irritated nerves may take a while to recuperate. Do you have some type of massage therapist or body worker who can facilitate nerve healing? Some people benefit from accommodation such as pillows, loose clothing, or low small footstool to relieve leg pressure while nerve heals.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I'll look into the massage situation.

  • Sue, did your numbness go away? I had an afib ablation last week and it worked thank God but one leg has been numb since now this morning second leg has gone numb😔

  • Hi

    It's 18 months since my ablation and I have had no trouble for a year, so I guess it took 6 months! Good luck.

  • Update 2017. Trying IV lidocaine infusions for femoral nerve damage from ablation groin catheter, so far no luck.

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