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I have just started life with an Alivecor and I find it slightly scary and somewhat puzzling. Scary in that I don't want it to tell me that I have an abnormalty in my rhythm, but puzzling in that I have frequent ectopics which show up as great loops but it tells me there is no abnormality showing up. Is it faulty or is there something I should be doing. Also 30 seconds dosnt seem long to show anything much. Can I alter this in any way does anyone know..

What does the reference to Bfx mean and should I be alarmed by it?

Thanks in anticipation


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  • Ectopics are quite normal so not an abnormality. BFX is to be ignored. It was for test purposes and will shortly be removed.

  • Thanks although I wish they weren't there but judging from all the posts I read I am pretty lucky. BFX does seem a bit pointless from what I have read. Have learned a lot from your pots Bob, thankyou..


  • Good Morning Stephanietee.

    In order to increase the length of the AliveCor recording:

    At the top of the page there is Record, Journal, Insights and 3 dots. Click the 3 dots, go to settings and that takes to duration which once clicked give you the options of 30 sec, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 mins.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks


  • You can turn off BFx in the same place.

  • I suggest minimum of 1 minute, ideally two under normal circumstances because that gives you a much more accurate average than over a 30 second time period. I did this on a methodical basis taking readings over different times and analysing (eg I took readings over a 2 min period and printed out and then looked average over first 30 secs, then over 1 min and then over the two mins.

    Also if you have arithmyia being active 30 secs is very restrictive and you don't want to be wasting time changing the settings to read for 2 minutes and then miss the event. Good luck.

  • I get a lot of ectopics and when I do I get the whole ECG going up and down like a roller-coaster, but think it's just my hands moving, ie not being able to keep completely still when they happen. That's my theory anyhow.


  • Hi Koll - there is a name for that roller coaster on your ecg... I get the same, but cant remember what they told me it was - Ah I do, it just came back, its called a Wandering Line (lol makes sense).


  • Hello Stephanietee

    When I had runs of PVC's my Alivecor reported the trace as normal. I think it is because the beat (r-r) interval is mostly regular. If you search my profile for a post on PVC's you'll see part of a trace which was reported as normal.

  • Just checked my old traces and when I had PVC's on every other beat and a heart rate of 97, Alivecor couldn't classify it but with 14 PVC's in 30 seconds - randomly and heart rate of 93, it reported as possible AF. It would seem that the irregularity of beats in the second trace was picked up as a problem.

  • Ectopics are prevalent in virtually everyone so we don't label them as not normal. We don't know about your cardiovascular status. In the future, we will label and count ectopic beats but don't want to cause excessive anxiety.

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