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I'm thinking of taking up AFA's offer of a reduction on the price of this device, but I have to buy a suitable phone as well. Before I do so, it would be useful to have some advice from those who use the device, please.

Do those members who have one find it useful? Is it easy to read/understand or do results need to go to a doctor? Does anyone use a Samsung Galaxy phone with it or is everyone using iPhones?

Many thanks - Finvola

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  • I just bought an iPhone 5c and then the Alivecor after I'd got used to the phone. To get it working was extremely easy. You can use the Alivecor unconnected (but near) the phone, or you can attach it to the iPhone. But with mine, the case does not fit very well and easily pops off. I don't know how to interpret an ECG but even so have found it useful and the recordings have actually coincided with how I feel. When I'm fine I get the typical line with regular beats, and when I'm not well it goes all over the place. That's about how technical I am at the moment!

    It does hopefully give me the ability to show a professional a rough ECG if and when I need to. I haven't sent one off for analysis yet but might do one just to see what they say.

    I would imagine it works on any phone that there is a Livecor app?

    I'm pleased I bought it.


  • Hi

    I use mine with an I phone and it is really useful. You can take recordings while you are in AF- or having any problem and then can print out the results by e mailing them to your account- or you can e mail to your GP or cardiologist if they let you have their e mail- otherwise you can send the print outs by post. They are very clear.

    I haven't used the interpretation service, which you pay for, but it's easy to see if there is a p wave or not- pthers here will give more detail.

  • As far as I understand they only work on I phones. The readings are quite good if you know what you are looking for but although I have one I seldom use it as I know what my heart is doing most of the time. I fear it may be rather too easy to become obsessed by these gadgets as I did with my BP monitor years ago. I hear that they have an analysis service but you have to pay extra for this. If you are under an EP it may be worth having one to record any events and show him on your visits otherwise I struggle to see the point.


  • Hi,

    At present I think the app is only for iphones but they do have plans for other types of phone. However if you have an ipad 4 or better you can download the iphone app to it and use the Alivecor unit so long as you keep it close to the ipad. It works quite well, and of course the trace is much larger than on the phone!


  • i have one however its not for me it looks like a child has scribbled something nothing remotely like a ECG trace. Could be user error but cant see what else different i could do

  • I had the same trouble and found that if I dampen my fingers and lay my arms firmly on a desk then the error is much less. It still goes wild from time to time when I know it is not my heart so maybe some of us just don't suit it.


  • Thank you to everyone for the responses - it's helpful to have different points of view.

    I like the idea of the size of the ipad screen, Cyril.

  • The problem with this is as Bob said you can get obsessed. I would say I was quite level headed but found I was using it several times a day, just to see what was happening. By the way you can switch so that you get a clearer picture, or you can on the iPad


  • I emailed AliveCor to ask about the iPad as it didn't appear on their compatibility list. The following is taken from their reply this morning:

    'We are currently testing the iPad with our AliveCor Heart Monitor to add to our compatibility list. As soon as testing is completed, we will add to our compatibility list. Please check back on our website, in another week.'

    I take this to mean that AliveCor are working on an app for the iPad directly?

    mumknowsbest and Bob: I agree with the obsession thing - when I was first diagnosed, I monitored myself constantly - BP and HR - just to be 'sure'!??! However, I now use them only to confirm my symptoms for information.

  • Hi, there's an Alivecor app., for Android also, downloadable from the store.

  • Can anyone let me know how to source getting an Alivecor monitor with the price reduction from AFA please?

  • jowett: I had an email from AFA yesterday.

  • Must admit that it is very tempting to buy one but I will hold off for the time being !! I m sure that I would become too obsessed with readings both mine and anyone else in the vicinity. That of course would depend on my being able too set up the device in the first instance! Sandra

  • I just got one

    Now it is applicable for samsung mobiles as well , I just recoded the first trial EKG


  • Highly recommended. If I dare, this is a link back to my first post on the Alivecor device.

    It is dead easy to use. Load the app, snap it on and go. It recorded my Afib, AFib RVR, PVCs PACs,Atrial Flutter. Saved me with my EP from doing many more tests as it was so clear. All that said, when I am in Afib "light", it just shows NSR with lots of little peaks and valleys,. I have learned those are not true Afib, but occassionally pre-cursors - though NOT always. Complicated this condition.

    Take care.

  • Still haven't had anyone say how much this thing costs

  • I paid 160gbs from amazon last sept, not from AFA. You can use with IPad, Alivecor had a stand at the last patients day and they showed me how to use it. You just hold it close to the IPad ensuring the microphone socket side is closest to the AliveCor. I like it, only problem is that I have iphone4 and about to upgrade to Iphone5 but that means having to buy another as it wouldn't fit, very annoying!

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