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Any Ideas?

I am 49 year of age and in December last year had a pacemaker fitted after three unsuccessful attempts at ablation. I am waiting for a AV node ablation but my heart rate is anything between 39 and 149 bpm,I can feel pulsing in my throat and constantly yawning and feeling dizzy ,I am waiting for my cardiology nurse to get back to me ,feeling no better does anyone have any ideas because I am totally fed up. Thanks

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What is you pacemaker set to? it seems strange that you are going that low.



I know, its all strange! was not told what it was set to as I did not have a clue I needed to know, all I know is that they were putting it in as a last resort as meds and ablation didn't work, also was under the impression nothing would happen with it until I had my AV node ablation?

Have had it checked once in January, never had a HR that low, even tried the monitor on my family but they all read fine so don't think it is faulty but def feel slow pulse in my throat etc.

Guess I will have to keep on at them until I get somwhere


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