AliveCor Heart Monitor for iPhone 4 and 4S

Hi all,

£36 + free delivery whilst stocks last!! Has to be worth it if you've got an iphone 4 or 4s.


p.s. From the AFA website:- "Please quote discount code 'hrc2013aa' when you proceed to order so AF-A can benefit from your purchase."

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  • That has to be worth it!

    A quarter of the full price? even if you only have your iPhone 4 /4s for another 12 months it's a bargain.

  • Great thanks ordered.


  • Probably even possible to use it as a transmitter to any iPhone or ipad... I know I can use my iPHone 5 Alivecor device with my phone (off the phone) and my iPad! Just a thought!

  • Just going to say the same as Iris, it'll maybe work with other iPhones because I use my Alivecor just near the iPhone/iPad, I don't bother attaching it.

  • Is there an Android version does anybody know. ? Many thanks

  • From the AliveCor website it looks like the iPhone 4 version uses a universal attachment plate which is the same as for Android phones (the iPhone 5 version is different). The description on Amazon says that the app is available from Google PlayStore. If you look there the pictures there they seem to suggest this device just sticks to the phone so I can't see why in wouldn't work with any Android phone although AliveCor suggest a small number of compatible devices.

  • Think I may have got this a bit wrong after looking a bit more carefully at the AliveCor website ( It looks like the version which would work with Android phones with the universal attachment plate (at $199) is different from the iPhone 4 version (at $60) which must be the one on Amazon. The description on Amazon is therefore misleading in implying that it will work on an Android phone by referring to the app being able available on Google PlayStore. All a bit confusing! Hopefully the $199 version may be available in the UK but will obviously be more expensive than the £36 iPhone 4 version.

  • I've bought one, had to get it sent to my sisters place and get her to send it to Japan

  • Can anyone tell me if this is better than the heart monitor I use for the gym, one that u strap around your chest and relays results to a wrist watch , cost around £100 !


  • No IPhone :-(

  • They also do them for other phones, but the special offer is only for Iphone4/4s at the moment. Alivecor will be at Patients Day so there might be some really good offers on. Do you have a smartphone, and if so what type?


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