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AF Aware Week Online Petition

AF Aware Week Online Petition

AF Aware Week is focusing on raising awareness of AF and better understanding on the simple, but important things you need to be aware of to detect it promptly. Unfortunately, AF is a condition that increases in prevalence as we all age, and prevalence rates rise from 0.7% in the age group 55–59 years to 17.8% in those aged 85 years and above. AF also brings a significant risk of stroke and heart failure with between 12,000-15,000 strokes per year in the UK being attributed to AF, and over 3000 of these resulting in death. Yet with early detection and appropriate management of risks, many of these could be prevented.

AF Association invite you to sign an on-line petition calling for an early review of the UK national screening policy for AF so that we can support systematic screening for all those aged 65 and over. The link for the on-line petition is:

Detect, Protect, Correct AF

Please protect the most vulnerable and sign our on-line petition

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