Do you want to help with local screening for AF?

Hi All,

We had our second screening event in Epsom last Thursday- world stroke day- and found 3 new cases of AF one of Flutter and 9 other heart abnormalities that needed attention.

I wonder if we could have a 'health Unlocked" day where people all over the UK ( and abroad if they wished!) could do a similar event.

It involves having a consultant to look at the ECGs on Alivecor-

If anyone is interested do let me know- we haven't found it hard to arrange and would be good fun if lots of us did it on the same day!!

best wishes,


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  • I think that's a brilliant idea - count me from Swansea 😀

  • Thank you Susie bell Hope we can get someone in each major town and city!!

  • As you know Rosy I did two during Heart Rhythm Awareness Week in 2014 and found about 9% of those tested had an arrhythmia. It is always best to organise this sort or thing through AF Association to get maximum impact through the other activities during those organised weeks.

  • There are advantages but I think it relies on one particular time Bob whereas we could be more active if we did it with those showing interest here. Let's see how many would be interested. It is easy to organise with local hospitals and then it can be continued even when there isn't a special week- if it became a normal activity in shopping centres it would really raise awareness

  • great idea, I would be willing to help

  • excellent!1 Where do you live cupoftea?

  • Hi Rosy,

    I live in North Devon, nearest town Barnstaple.

    Keep well,


  • thank you Pat

  • Think it is a fantastic thing to be doing. I'm recovering from a second ablation in three months, but if I can help, count me in, I'm in North London. My daughter shaved her hair off last week and has raised £1,500 towards AF awareness and improved treatments. She is a teacher and now 400 additional families and teachers in her school are now more aware of AF and the strokes it can cause if not diagnosed.

  • thank you debilitated- I hope you are doing well. I'm sure it won't be for a few months so hopefully you can be involved!!

  • What a brilliant idea, I'm all for it, so will keep a look out for any news. I live in Lins, but have car , will travel. thanks. Sann

  • Thank you Sann- where are you exactly??

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