Has anyone tried the NHS/BHF on line heart age calculator?

I put my details into the on line calculator and was completely astonished by the result. It concluded that my heart age is 18 years older than my actual age!!!

One of the questions is "Have you ever suffered from AF?"...so I confirmed in the yes box.

I put all the same details in again, this time answering no the AF question and my heart age was reduced by 10 years.

Should we conclude that the NHS/BHF consider even a single bout of diagnosed AF reduced our lifespan by 10 years???!!!

Has anyone else tried this calculator and what was the result?

Incidentally, my other details are I believe relatively low risk (couldn't answer the question about cholesterol as I was recently tested and was only given the overall number and they ask for the HDL level as well) but no need for Statins.

I also know my Calcium score is zero.

To me this calculator is probably not for those of us who have been to cardiologists and EP's and received appropriate treatment.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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  • Too much information is never good for those with a delicate disposition in my view. Causes too much worry and stress which in itself is damaging.

  • Yes - I used it and came to the same conclusions as you. I think it is deeply flawed in that it seems to assume that having had AF, a person is SO likely to have a stroke or heart failure, that 10 years have to be added to the heart's age.

    It actually irritated me that the NHS could so frighten users of this stuff with such a 'one size fits all' attitude. To me it was more like the pseudo-science nonsense that appears elsewhere from time to time. I decided to ignore it.

    Rant over - lol.

  • Sorry, ranted so much I missed your second question. My age is 72 and with AF ticked my heart age was 77. Without it ticked, heart age 67.

  • I decided not to do it.

    I have a big problem with averages. The average Briish woman is 5'5" tall and takes a size 5 shoes whereas I am 6' tall and have rather bigger feet.

    I was shopping with a friend recently and she was looking for trousers with 25" legs. I need 33" and they can be hard to find.

    I do not conform to any averages!

  • That made me giggle and go back to the sixties when my friend (5ft 1in) and I (5ft 11in) used to shop for the same Aristoc stockings. Hers always too long and mine too short, no matter what the leg length.

  • I cling to the bell curve which is how statistics help planners not individuals. Whatever the statistical result I always see myself as the 1% who will against the odds do amazingly well.

  • Yeah I tried it , concluded it was a load of crap ! I completed everything, EXCEPT both Cholesterol readings, I only knew one of them but I didn't know which one it was, so the calculator fed in the national average. The only result I know of from my GP was 3.3. This resulted in it calculating I'm likely to get to 80 without a stroke or some such ! I think it calculated my heart age was 90. My actual age is 72 ............. so according to this calculator I'm well stuffed. Lol !

    Like I said .... crap.


  • Same as you John with age and prediction ( think mine was 91 but did it a few weeks ago ). I just laughed ...


  • I tried the one the gp s use, QRisk. I came out with a 50 % risk of heart attack within 10 years. I have af and diabetes, moderate bp and ok ish cholesterol. Also age 74. All of these conditions are treated. (Apart from age, sadly😒) I think the scores on Qrisk relate to untreated conditions. Therefore not relevant to me. Ha!

  • Thanks for the replies which I completely agree with.

    At first I was quite alarmed but then decided it was all too general, especially as we have had proper medical investigations to diagnose and treat our AF.

    I do wonder where this 10 year prediction came from. As this calculator is from the NHS/BHF I would hope there is detailed medical study to justify this.

    Anyone with any further information?

  • There was an article in the daily mail but I didn't get a chance to read it.

  • I'm now totally confused! I'm 85. It says I have the heart of a 95 yr old, but also predicts I should survive to 92 - by which time I hate to think how old my heart will be.

    The NHS surely has better things to spend its money on, as also should BHF.

  • Oops!! My heart is apparently 70, but I'm not...

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