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Ablation soon

Having ablation in 2 weeks and am uplifted by recent positive posts. Was disappointed when my procedure was cancelled a couple of months ago and the delay has been difficult to deal with. Was diagnosed in April and a symptoms have become increasingly debilitating despite drugs. Taking flecainide 150 - 200 mgs daily and bisoprolol 2.5 mgs, also rivaroxaban.

Last week had 5 days without symptoms which was great, but this week not going well. Episode lasting 10 hours yesterday which was really frightening and nearly rang ambulance. Probably averaging four episodes a week and can't identify any triggers. So, am eagerly awaiting the ablation. Am having a general anaesthetic as the surgeon is going to perform ablation of both atria for both A. Fib and Flutter. Has anyone else had both procedures together?

Also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which I have had since I was 23 , now 63 . Take many drugs for that condition as well and have had joint replacements too, so one of my major concerns is to lie flat for hours afterwards. Any tips?

Then going away a month later for 3 weeks to recuperate. Heading to Lanzarote for some sunshine. Will need travel insurance. Can anyone recommend a company who will insure me? Hoping to do lots of holidays next year to make up for the ones we have missed this year! Have felt so unwell this year that we haven't been able to plan anything, never knew what tomorrow was going to bring!

Wishing you all well.

Thanks for any replies

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Hi Pam, can see there is a lot going on for you at the moment and naturally everyone at the forum will be wanting the very best for you. Whilst it is important to have something like a holiday to look forward to, I assume your doctors are happy with you travelling after the procedure. The AFA main webpage lists a number of travel insurers on their webpage under "patient information - travel information" although the fact you are awaiting a procedure may be a problem. I have found AllClear helpful, but it is how they respond if you unfortunately need to make a claim that matters.

Best wishes for a successful procedure, and have a lovely holiday.



Good luck Pam. Here's to everything going well.


Hope your ablation goes well, mine was brilliant. On the holiday front, I went to Seville straight after my ablation but never thought of informing insurers, so don't copy my example !!!

Re the drugs, you've probably already done this, but both times I've had drugs that didn't stop my arrhythmia, I've pushed for a change. On both occasions we had to try 3 or 4 to get the one that worked, and we always found one. Flecainide is common, but makes my arrhythmia worse, so we're all different.



Hi, Ive just had my ablation, 2 weeks ago, and have arthritis oesto, have

back problem also so I can understand your fears, I remember being asked

if I would have a problem lying down for any length of time but I said no

as I was desperate for the ablation, which was a lie. When I got in the

lab and laid down I was pleasantly surprised how confortable it was and

I felt lovely and cushioned, soft but not too soft perfect in fact. I too had

GA with camera down and that caused the most discomfort. I have had

two weeks now and feel so much better, throat entirely recovered but

gullet took a while longer. The good news is my heart is behaving perfectly

but I am taking things slowly as I get breathless if I try and do too much,

but its early days and thats my reminder. I stayed in bed for a couple of

days after the ablation as I was exhausted but then felt so much better

and I went on from there. Still quite happy to sit a while but I go out and

about with dog etc but still glad to have a rest afterwards. I do hope that

all goes well and your ablation is a complete success.


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