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Ablation update

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Well, it is exactly 2 weeks now since my ablation, and I’m currently in my third run of AF since then. The first was the day after the procedure and lasted 7 hours, the second was a week later lasting 2 hours and this one which has been 2 hours and still going strong. I took my PIP Flecainide an hour ago. Over the last 2 days I have had ectopics on and off. Has anyone else experienced anything like this after ablation? I’m feeling really despondent although I know my EP said they won’t know if it was successful for three months afterwards.

Thanks as always for your support.

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I know you’ve heard it all before Maura, but a lot of us have been there and it really is early days........

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Maura5 in reply to FlapJack

I know, I keep telling myself that. Even the Flecainide doesn’t seem to be working. I’m just scared I guess 🙄 Thanks for your reply x

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FlapJack in reply to Maura5

What dose are you taking bearing in mind the max is 300mgs in a period of 24 hours

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Maura5 in reply to FlapJack

I’ve taken 1x100 mg so far

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Maura5 in reply to FlapJack

Guess what? It’s just stopped 🙏

Hope I don’t sound neurotic but after the ablation I didn’t expect to have more frequent runs of AF than before 🙈

I had 2 ablations in 2002 for SVT, the 2nd was successful so I know they can fail, maybe I’m being pessimistic?

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Maura5 in reply to FlapJack

Thanks for responding Flapjack but I can only see the 1st line of your reply!

Hello Maura... I hope things settle down for you soon!


You got this:) trust the process!

I had the same thoughts. I was in persistant AF and had a minimaze, compared to cryoablation it was a traumatic experience and I was gutted to be experiencing AF symptoms afterwards. Things did calm down after a while and I was eventually AF free. You really do need to leave it 3-6 months before you can judge the results.

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Rdiehl01 in reply to johnMiosh

I think more like 6 months

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Maura5 in reply to johnMiosh

Thank you so much, it’s good to know I’m not alone. I’ll just have to be patient!

Remember to breathe...and let things heal.

Hi Maura, I've got mine on 4 September. I've been told my symptoms will be worse for the first three months because the heart has been irritated. A friend of mine took 9 to 12 months to improve so it all takes time. What's happening to you is normal, don't worry, that won't help! x

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Maura5 in reply to

Thank you, that’s reassuring.

Morning Maura, I discovered immediately after my third ablation that I could stop my AF during the first few weeks afterwards just by bearing down (breathe in, hold the breath all the time then tense your body as hard as you can and then try to push the whole lot downwards). When you can do it no longer breath out and relax. So perhaps give that a try if it returns.


Hi Maura, I have been experiencing the same or similar symptoms as you and got so worried and upset that I rang the Arrhythmia Nurse at the hospital, who did the ablation, one month ago now. I have had 2 really scary episodes of AFib (with me ending up in A&E, and I know, all they can do is monitor, but I was very symptomatic!) and some minor ectopics, even last evening. The nurse said that you can have worse episodes of AFib after an ablation (I wasn't expecting that, as they did seem worse!) and it was 'normal' or 'to be expected' in some people. Well, it is not nice is it? However, good to know that it might improve in 3-6 months, maybe!!! Yes, you are not alone!

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Jlaine in reply to fifitb

The only sympthom I experience when in Afib is shortness of breath! Does everyone else note the same?? I rarely feel the flutter or quiver.

I think we all can suffer a wide variety of symptoms. When I started having problems I complained to my GP that it felt like I has bouncing balls in my upper chest! He looked at me as if I was mad. Although it was only occasional it soon moved on to severe breathlessness after exertion. This I was told is a very common symptom of AFib. Since my ablation, once the initial 3-6 month period passed when I had all sorts of odd pains, now 9 months on no problems at all.

Good and encouraging to hear!

Hi Maura.I am also 2 weeks post my first ablation.I was not prepared for A fib post ablation.However I have some mild symptoms for either a few hours or a few minutes every other day.Sometimes it bangs pretty hard but does go away.I am taking 12.5 mgm of atenolol every day which is half of what I was taking before the procedure. I don’t want to take the full dose again as it may be easier to wean off the meds once the blanking period is up.I just watched the healing summit Hay House Series and it was helpful with methods for healing coping and trying to get an understanding of DIS EASE .It is about mind body connections so it’s helping me to understand my anxiety.Most of us develop this with A Fib.I do know that this forum helps us to share info that you can never get in a Dr. Office.We can do this . Together we can all share information that will help us heal.Knowledge is empowerment.And we heart arrthymia people no ourselves better than anyone.

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Maura5 in reply to Mary-miles

Hi Mary, so, we’re ablation twins! It’s good to hear from someone else who’s had the procedure round about the same time. I only have Flecainide and verapamil as a pip but I seem to have taken more since the ablation than before..... well not exactly but it feels that way. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the ferocity of the episodes I’ve had so far, I expected a few bumps & thumps but not this. Anyway thank you for your message, the series you watched sounds interesting, where would I find it? Yes anxiety seems to be on the rise with me at the moment, I’m trying not to get too stressed by all of this. Maura

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Mary-miles in reply to Maura5

The frees series for the healing summit is over but U tube has many of the speakers.Go to u tube and search hay house healing summit

As everyone has said it is early days don’t get too down this is typical unfortunately.

Glad to hear you are back in NSR.

I have had to take PIP for many years and normally when it works it takes anything from 3 -10 hours to work. After 10 hours I must admit I would get more concerned that my heart would not revert to NSR.

One other thing is to double check with your EP the dose he wants you to take for PIP.

I am taking 2 x100mg of Flecainide daily anyway so slightly more complicated as there is a maximum dose in 24 hours.


I had my one and only ablation in November 2013. It took 5 months for the various arrhythmias to stop. One day I realised a week had gone by without any. I am now almost 5 years post ablation and still AF free.


So be patient, take life easy and stay positive.

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Maura5 in reply to Dodie117

That’s music to my ears! Fingers crossed I’ll be the same 🤞

I needed to go in for a cardioversion less than 1 week after my ablation, that was 2 years ago. Have been slowly improving since then. Don't stress. You might discuss with your EP switching to a twice daily low dose of Flecainide instead of pip.

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Jlaine in reply to trtoothdr

My ep Dr wanted to also do another cardioversion 3 weeks after procedure! I felt that it was premature since I had just had the ablasion less than a mth ago but see her the end of this mth and will schedule it as afib has been relentless with shortness of breath! Probably should have let her do it earlier. Did iy return you to NSR after?

I had my ablation 5 weeks ago and my atrial tachycardia has apparently worsened. It should really be no great surprise as the procedure has most likely irritated my heart. Unfortunately, though, this has caused my pace & ablate to be delayed.

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Maura5 in reply to IanMK

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. It’s certainly a rollercoaster ride isn’t it?

I was on flecinide 150 2xs a day before my ablation and did not stop the flecinide for 4 months after ablation. I had several bouts of afib about a month post ablation - one that took an electric cardio version to stop. It’s now been 9 months and I am off flecinide and have not had afib since January. It took me longer than others to improve. Hang in there. 👍

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Maura5 in reply to Moenvk

Oh wow, poor you! Thank you for that, glad you are AF free now, it must be a great feeling 👍

I was much the same as you with three events of af soon after my ablation . I was still on my original drugs so was wondering if the ablation had not worked.It's now 4 months since the last af and I'm back into exercise, and hoping to come off all drugs soon.

Best of look .

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Maura5 in reply to allwobbly

Thank you, it gives me hope! So glad you’re well

I had my ablation in Oct - was discharged and then back in again as an emergency. Have been feeling better since Feb but my Kardia is saying I have AFib most of the time BUT I feel loads better than I did before the ablation and my ectopics are few and far between now. Also my heart does not thump in the same way so am much better for having it done. It does take time to settle down. Your heart has been traumatised and so give it a chance. I always find deep breathing helps no end. I can now just about walk the 18 holes on our pretty non-flat golf course again and do lots of gardening which I could not do before.

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