Ablation behind me

After suffering with PAF for a couple of years and deciding I wanted to have an ablation I finally got a date and checked into BMI Meriden yesterday 7am. Was seen by nurses and doctors who did bloods, ECG etc.

I went into operating theatre at 10 to 10. Wondered if they would stop working at 11 but they did not ;-)

The procedure took just over three hours and I was heavily sedated. I did not notice the detail of the procedure, only that they were a very well organized team that communicated all the time. I just watched the blood pressure data occasionally and felt quiet.

Back in the hospital bed I spent much of the afternoon and evening dozing and sleeping. Still got a good night's sleep (despite being woken up for blood pressure measuring every 3 hours). My heart does not hurt and so far had no extra beats, let alone AF. The only thing is that my resting HR is now close to 70 while it used to be 48 (I am into endurance sports). But this should normalize with time. Will see my consultant in 3 months' time and we'll decide then about further steps. Until then I will continue with Warfarin, Flecainide and Diltiazem. I am glad I got it done and will report back in due course.

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  • Raised heart ate is a function of ablation and should settle in 6 months or so. Mine did. Good news is always welcome.


  • So pleased to hear that all went well for you. Now take it easy for a few weeks and don't try to do too much.

    Best wishes


  • Good news. I need to hear lots of this as the longer I am on the waiting list the more nervous I get!

    I hope all continues as well as it has started.x

  • Always good to read positive feedback.

    A lovely quiet heart at last.

  • I should say that my PAF was very rare, the last episode was in August and it was quite mild. As I had complete thyrodectomy in February I thought the problem may have been caused by hormone dysfunction. But this was that, a hope. The consultant confirmed that 3 of my 4 veins in the heart had to be caurterized.

  • pleased to hear you are safely through it!

  • Pleased for your outcome. My HR took about 4 months to settle back to my previous norm and now steady as a rock.

    Have a good recuperation.

  • Meant to say that looks like having an earlier rather than later PVI is better. I think you were wise having an early one, sounded like it was an uneventful time which is exactly what you want!

  • Hi Grundy 77. So glad all went well for you. I found the faster heart rate very odd at first but it didn't last. I hope things will go smoothly for you now, but don't be bitterly disappointed if your heart should misbehave slightly over the next few months. It doesn't mean that the procedure hasn't worked. Give it time. It is wonderful when you can reduce the medication - eliminate it even - and find you are still fine.

  • I'm booked into the BMI Meridan for my ablation on the 11th Dec so I'm really pleased to hear your experience was a good one. I'm very nervous about it and had some great advice off lots of lovely people on this forum last week which helped. Did you go home the next day and how did you feel in the days immediately after? I'm a single mum..... Am I going to need help at home Do you think?

  • I think you've got an opportunity to have a slightly different way of life for a few days, Mommamia, and your child / children will be able to help - with you to steer in the right direction. Eat simple to cook meals and perhaps things you wouldn't usually buy, don't worry about how clean the floor is, make life easy and just gather your strength and you should be fine, especially if you've made preparations in advance. As Grundy says, no big shopping afterwards on your own. I needed to take care not to do too much after my ablation because I felt OK.

  • Don't be nervous you'll be all right. This is a well resourced unit with new technology and they have lots of experience. My EP was Dr Yusuf, and there was also Dr Osman, on some days Dr Foster is practicising there. Yes I went home the next day and took it easy, you should not lift heavy things in the first week or so, i.e. no big shopping on your own. I was told that it is not unusual to experience bouts of AF or extra beats after the procedure, but so far I did not have them. I am more tired than usual and sleep well. Everyone is different and they will advise you accordingly.

    Can you arrange for someone to pick you up? Or take the taxi home. Best wishes

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