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Had my ablation well sort of?

I went to the hospital at 11:00 yesterday (Thursday) as requested started to go through all the paperwork. Did not have my last INR reading and wanted more blood tests.. Nice lady took what was needed very painlessly. INR was 3.0 ( my Tuesday test results came today and it showed 3.4) ECG Blood pressure and they decided to put me on O2 an hour before I went in to procedure as my stats were a little low 93/95%

Once they had inserted all what was needed my doctor said that I was in good rhythm and then played around with different beats to get a reaction but it did not want to play. So they removed everything.

That’s when the fun started because of this being my third ablation and my other problems I had a lot of scar tissue that did not want to seal. 15mins with a pad and a lot of pressure a quick look and a roll of eyes more pressure. One of the nurses was told to go to a cupboard nearby and get the "Fem Block" a quick assemble and large strap is placed around my buttocks and groin and the contraption placed over the offending femoral leak. Straps tightened and soft plastic bowl inflated to put pressure on the cut. Back to the ward and told to lay flat and don’t move. More O2 stats dropped below 90% After 30 mins the person that put the fem block on pops back loosens straps has a peak another roll of the eyes straps tightened bowl inflated. "See you in an hour do not move" Well that hour felt like 360 minutes. This time the Fem Block Lady comes back with the doctor and calls over 2 nurses Off it comes doctor looks 2 nurses look fem block lady looks and they all agree I am still leaking but not as much as the start. fem block reinstated "see you in 30 Minutes do not move" There is only so much of the ceiling that you want to look at! In come the gang from above only oozing now on to the pads "Put pressure here". Doctor said he will book me into a room for the night as it does not look like I will be going home. After nearly 5 hours it had stopped and they started to get my in uprightish position. Sandwich eaten tea drank and numerous look see's I might be able to go home as long as I can sit stand walk and not start leaking everywhere.

Doctor has told me to stay on all my tablets and he will see me again in 3 months. I cut feels like it has had lemon juice split on it and did leak a little but home :)

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Offcut, Sorry you had such a rough time. Your INR was a bit high. I know mine was 3.1 when they started and due to meds and stress (I guess) was 3.5 at the completion. My EP told me that is was common for it to go up during the procedure. He said he would have preferred it be in the 2.2 to 2.5 range when we started but did not want to put me through everything again by postponing.

I assume, reading your statement, they were trying an EP study? Attempting to get your heart to start the AF so they could better localize the area?

Mine, being just the standard AF Ablation did not require the "Tickle". He just ablated the normal area that causes the AF. And after it was finished they did INR checks every hour and had gotten as high as 4.4, but the insertion points only required about 10 or 15 minutes of pressure to stop the bleeding. I have heard that they have a new method where they use some type of plug which reportedly works pretty good.

Did they give you any information how to go forward with this? I know and have talked to many who have had the mini maze or combination procedures with great success.

Hope your recovery goes well and they come up with a plan for you.



So sorry to hear of your experience yesterday Offcut. What a hassle for you. Hope you feel better over the weekend and that they get things sorted for you next time.

Take care and be well.


The first ablation was on all four pulmonaries the second was 48 burns on the main chamber as I was sparking all over the place but has left scaring so they do not want to do any more there. the third was the EP and then they hoped to ablate the problem area or at the very lease know what was next. My groin has not hurt as much as it does this time but that is I think because of the pressure I had there for so long.

Thank you for the kind comments. I know the pain will go away when its ready.



The last 3 that I had the site was plugged. certainly more comfortable than the pressure pads



Hi Offcut.I know about the fem block although they called it femstop when I had it.. Woke up in the ward after my first ablation wearing one and lying in a nice warm red pool. Not the most comfortable thing is it? Stuff happens sometimes but I'm sure they will get there in the end.



The last ablation I had ( no. 3 ) I had stitches in each groin & was left with no bruising at all. the previous one had spectacular bruising & a haematoma. Do you expect to go the pace/ablate route?



I was told at the first ablation that a pace was most probable but would rather go though the phases they have. This last one was to see if they could pin point it ablate, see if it remained stable if not then it would be a pace and then make it pace dependent.

My first one, once I was on the ward I had a warm slimy feeling so felt down with my hands to then look at it covered in blood at the same time a nurse was running towards me as I was dripping blood from my bed. The nurse got it under controll very quickly curtains drawn around me as it looked a real mess.


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