Ablation yesterday

Hi folks, first I want to thank you for all the wonderful information and support I've gotten from this forum since I started my afib journey. I am home today from hospital after my ablation yesterday morning. Feeling pretty good. Ablation procedure was 5 hours and then was in recovery for several hours and had to lay flat for another 3 hours after that. No pain, no flip-flopping, just a faster heart beat than usual...I usual hover in the 60s and rest in the 50s. Now rest is in 70s and standing up goes to 80s. Doc said this is a good sign and quite normal, and heart will settle with time. Will be on a monitor for 3 weeks. Only issue was that I got very lightheaded in hospital and threw up so that wasn't fun but felt better after that. Otherwise doing very well. Finally got a shower and resting comfortably at home. So glad it's over!

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  • Great news Jomama

    It will take 6 months for the scar tissue to properly heal.

    Don't be surprised if you have a few bouts of AF in that time.

    Like your doc says 80bpm is a good sign. Blood is pumping at its best rate. Anything over 100 becomes a concern.



  • Hi Jomama, It's good to hear that all went well with your ablation. I understand your being sick afterwards as I was after my second one, but an injection of something soon cured that. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • I tend to get ill from GA and the anesthesiologist knew this and put some Zofran (ant-emetic) in with my GA but still felt nauseous and light-headed when I awoke. They gave me two more doses into my pic line but I got sick anyway. Not a big deal. I think that I was so thirsty that I just drank a cup of cranberry juice too fast and it came back up. Hurt my chest a bit but a little Tylenol took care of that and I've been fine since. Had a wonderful nights sleep here at home, since the night before in hospital was horrendous with nurses checking in every half hour to poke and prode. Better that than no attention but it doesn't do much for sleeping, especially when they come in at 4am and turn the lights on with a "good morning"! 😌 Happy all went well and it's over. Good to,be home and resting. Thanks for the good wishes!

  • Very good news, you must be delighted and so encouraging to hear. Get plenty of rest for good recuperation. Not overdoing things in the early weeks are key to long term recovery.

  • Hi Jomama, glad to hear that its over and went well. I was also sick and ended up on a saline drip for 3 hours due to low blood pressure. Now you need to rest up and make a slow recovery. X

  • How are you getting along Rosie? It's been three weeks for you and hope you're up and about. Let me know, will you?

  • HI JOMASMA good to hear that have good rest all the best

  • Well done. Now rest rest rest.

  • Thanks for letting us know. Nice to be home again with it all behind you! It will probably be a little while before your heart slows. Mine has never gone back to where it used to be which was a bit slow.

  • good, everything sounds usual. Good signs.

  • Below 60 rate is too low, definitely good it is back in the normal resting range (60-90). Congrats on your success! It is weird that some procedures take a lot longer than others. Mine took only 1 hours and 15 minutes.

  • Strongly disagree. My resting pulse this morning - after eating breakfast - was 53. Normally it's 56-62 so this isn't unusual. Age 67, two ablations (April 2014, May 2015), 25 years of moderate-level road cycling until chronic Lyme disease struck the day after my second ablation. So no significant exercise in almost two years. But still the ticker remembers its old set point.

    I got a kick out of the Holter monitor when I wore it before the last ablation. It gave a bradycardia warning just about every night when my pulse dropped below 45. It was on silent mode, so I didn't see it until the printout was done. Doc was concerned. I explained the above and he said good for you, it's what you get from being active and having good genes.

  • HOORAY! This is great news.

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