West Country Cell November Lunch

Hi all and I think it is time to have another get together. By popular demand we will be trying a different pub in a different area which may be easier for some other west country souls. It has been suggested that we try The New Mill, Bridgwater Road Taunton TA 2 8BE and a different day so come on tell me which day and if you are happy with the pub choice. I've not been there but told it is nice. Not weekends please and preferably not Monday or Friday because of traffic. I would suggest the third or fourth week in November but you tell me when.

Christmas cake mixed and in the AGA, Sam had some time free this morning so with me chopping nuts and zesting lemons etc it didn't take too long. I now have to remember to check it at 2.30 this afternoon of I will be in the sherbet.


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  • Hi. I am new to the forum and would appreciate meeting others with A/F, so this may interest me. How many people normally attend, how long does it normally last and is there any formal structure? I would love to learn more about it.

  • HI Craggy. my meets are purely social. After the first one we all agreed that was what we wanted. We meet in a pub, have a nice lunch and put the world to rights like you do. lol Usually meet about noon , eat about 1 pm and away by 2.30 or earlier. Plenty of chance to compare notes on symptoms and treatments.

    Hope to see you if the agreed date works for you.


  • by the way least number was five , greatest ten.

  • Hi Bob, any day for us, I love being retired x

  • Hi Bob, Long time no chat. I'd love a catch up but am away for a few days from 26th Nov and have a commitment on the 14th. Taunton's fine. All the best. Liz

  • OK how about Thursday 13th or Tuesday 18th ? I know Lance can't usually make Wednesdays . Janran are you out there?

  • G'day Bob,

    Sorry Bob, am going to have to pass on this. Work is still a problem but coming from just outside Penzance, Taunton would be 'a pub too far'.

    Have a great meeting guys and gals.


  • Thanks Bob. I would like to attend and can make 13th Nov but not 18th.

  • Hi Bob, pleased to see you're scheduling a get together. I'd hoped to attend at Woodbury but either didn't have a vehicle or wasn't well enough. Being as I'm in Wellington, Taunton is good for me. All days mentioned are good for me, the 13th works well. I would look forward to meeting other A-fibbers and swapping stories over good food.

  • OK Let us agree 13th which from memory is Thursday. That is six so far any other takers out there? I'll gove it a bit longer before I book a table.


  • Hello Bob,

    Still hoping to meet you and other West Country heart throbs, but it's very likely I'll be away on 13th. If not, Taunton's relatively easy from Crediton and I'll let you know beforehand. Other people might be interested in the hybrid ablation procedure I'm still waiting for after a 4th cancellation in September. Still, it's only been 5 years so far...

    Good lunching and thank you Bob for convening.


  • Hope you can make it but understand if not. stay well

  • Hi Bob, it looks as if I can make this one on 13th Nov.

    Will be good to meet up and put faces to names.

    See you all then, Jackie.

  • Hi Bob - I'm really disappointed. I won't be able to come as I'm having my cardioversion on the 12th Nov and wouldn't be able to drive for 24hrs afterwards. I think it was a similar case when you had your last get together. Hopefully next time.

  • Excuses excuses I know you are really just avoiding me. Good, luck with the DCCV

  • Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I hope it's a warm and dry day.

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