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Hi gang, with Ian having another Nosh and Natter and it being March I am happy to organise another West Country Cell lunch. I'm thinking now of either Wed 25th march or early April. maybe the Wednesday after Easter (8th April) and wonder if you would like Diggers Rest or the one near Taunton again (New Mill) or if there are any other ideas. Let me know and any other preferred dates and I will see what I can arrange.


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  • Hi Bob we are in Portugal at the moment, but we would be back for a date in April

  • Good idea Bob. March or April suits me. Found a nice pub just by Junction 25 M5 . Will let you know its name later. MaryC

  • Thanks Bob. I am free on both dates and Taunton would suit me best.


  • Wednesday's aren't ideal for us but Ann & I could make either date at the moment. We'd prefer Taunton but would be happy to go to Exeter


  • We can't make Wednesdays now, Bob, really sorry to say. Nor Fridays, and can only do the other days which actually fall in the school hols. Maybe in the summer we'll be able to come. I keep hoping!


  • Hi Bob,

    Either of the dates would be fine for me as things stand at present. Taunton is nearer but I don't have a preference.


  • O K then how about the Tuesday then after Easter Monday (7th April) and the schools will still be out? Does that help anybody? Mary says she has found another pub near J25 Taunton and will let me know asap details so I think we go with Taunton area.

  • The Tuesday isn't good for me as I help my mother in law that day.

  • 7th April is fine with me.


  • I would really like to come Taunton would be better for me as I have to come by train from Newton Abbot. Would prefer Wednesday but could possible come other days as long as don't clash with hospital appointments. As soon as you decide where and when as long as its convenient with a train station I will come.

    Sorry to ramble

    Carol B

  • OK Wednesday 8th it is. I'll confirm the name of the pub at J25 as soon as Mary tells me. 12 30 OK?

  • Thanks Bob. I have put 8th April in my diary and look forward to receiving location details in due course.


  • Hi have you been able find out where nosh and natter is going to be and I can let you know definite if I can make it do you know how far from train station it may be. thanks Carol

  • Sorry not nosh and natter west country lunch


  • That's allright. I gave Ian the title for his meetings anyway. lol

  • Waiting for Mary to tell me the name of the pub but Wednesday 8th April I expect we could arrange pick up form station at a push.

  • Thank you Bob but please don't worry if I can I will get to pub.

  • Wednesday 8th is ok with me, see you all there.

  • OK all, Wednesday the 8th April it is. The pub is Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside, Taunton TA1 2LR tel 01823 444405 if you want to look them up they are on www thehankridgearms.com. It is just off J25 Mary tells me. I will book for ten in the hope that all those above can make it.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.


  • Is it ok for Mike (hubby) to come as well?

  • of course.

  • OK better make it 12 for 12.30 I think. I'll be there with Mary about noon.

  • Hi everyone, sorry but I cant make the 8th as I'm chairing my local heart failure group for the first time..gulp! Hope you all have a good time xx

  • Hi Bob, I am hoping to come to Hankeridge Arms for the lunch. I will be coming up on the train. Will see everybody then many thanks

    Carol B (Devon)

  • I will be wearing my AFA name badge on a blue ribbon for ID. I'll try to be there by 12.


  • Hi Bob its me again I have just looked and as I dont drive I cant get there so easy. Its 20mins from station. So I will have to leave for next time. Have good time

    CarolB (Devon)

  • I'm sure we could arrange for you to be picked up if you want.

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