West Country Lunch

Sad to say but I have postponed the lunch till the New Year as so many people have dropped out due to ill health, hospital appointments or other clashing engagements. This is the first time we have had to do this but being down to four seemed a bit pointless . I will float some dates in the New Year and in the mean time hope you all have a great Christmas.


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  • Ok Bob, I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Christmas.


  • Hope all in our group have a good, healthy Christmas and look forward to getting together in the New Year.

  • We'll be back from Portugal in the new year Bob, so count us in. Have a great Christmas x

  • Hi! BobD, SRMGrandma and Beancounter.

    Sorry to hear about your delayed Christmas meal for the Group. The York AF Group meet on the 12th December for their bunfight. We meet roughly on a monthly basis at an agreed venue and have been going for just a year. This is really to thank you for all your advice that you given over the period and to wish you and all your Group a Merry Christmas (any excuse). Members of our group include Shirleygirl and bigleg who have been busy here. Kind regards, Dave.

  • Thanks Dave. This is the first one we have cancelled in the six years we have been having them so not too bad.


  • Thanks for info Bob. Hope to see you in the New Year.

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