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Hi All. It is getting close to November which means thinking about our next get together. I offer two Thursday dates of 5th or 19th of November and unless there are any other ideas, back to Hankridge Arms, Taunton. Please let me know what dates suit you and we can decide. I'm not averse to the Friday those weeks if it helps. Usual time 12 for 12.30.

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  • Sorry Bob can't make this one, we'll be in Portugal. Very sad to miss it but see you in the spring

  • Sadly Ann's epileptic fits have been due to a brain tumour which is going to be removed sometime in November so it's unlikely that we'd be able to make it - the earlier date of 5th might be possible

    Lance & Ann

  • I'm so sorry to read that Lance and hope all will be well.

  • Sad to hear about Ann. Hope all goes well Love maryC

  • Sorry to hear Ann has to have an operation, hope all goes to plan. Sending my best wishes to you both.

  • Thanks to everyone for their concerns. Southmead our local hospital now incorporates the neurosurgery unit from Frenchay and is the regional neurosurgery centre for the South West. I'm sure she'll have the best treatment available. The surgeon thinks the operation is pretty straightforward, and hopefully there will be no collateral damage from it


  • Thinking of you - hope all goes well

  • Time goes quickly! 19th Nov. better for me since the local dining club is eating out on the 5th. Can make most days. See you MaryC

  • Hi Bob, both dates would be fine for us. Mike had a review today and all is still stable at present.


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