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West Country Lunch

Since my little problem last February and with Jean setting up a rival group in Newton Abbot I have been less inclined to organise one of our previously well attended lunches. Falling numbers and health reduced the last one to five including me I think and much as I enjoy being surrounded by ladies this didn't seem too worth while.

My point here then is to see if there is sufficient interest again for a group lunch in the Taunton area. I know we started near Exeter but with most attendees coming from further north east that was nearer the epicentre of members. Barnstaple after all is a long way from anywhere and I have a fifty odd mile drive whatever we decide.

So over to you. I'm happy to book the pub (Hankridge Arms) if there is sufficient interest. Mid July seems sensible so throw me some dates and I will look into it.

Since for some time I have not been getting e mail advices then please PM me if interested after the next 24 hours as this post will get lost to me. (Its something to do with my computer).

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Oh Bob, you've made me feel dreadful. The only reason I set up a local group was because l couldn't face driving the sixty miles from my house to Taunton where you hold your meetings. As it is I have to drive a good 10 miles to get to the pub near Newton Abbot where so far we have had just one meeting. I don't think any of the ladies who came to the first NA meeting have ever been to an AF meeting, let alone one of yours in Taunton and the group is certainly not set up to 'rival' yours.

I'm sorry that my setting up a group local to me has upset you and truly thought we were so far away from where you hold yours it would not affect your group in any way.

I do apologise for any upset I have caused you.



You haven't Jean, my little joke! When we started we met at Woodbury Salterton but moved to Taunton as apart from Aussie John most attendees were from further north east. As I said I have a fifty plus mile drive where ever I organise it as I doubt too many people want to haul themselves up the North Devon Link Road. I seem to be living on it at the moment having spent every weekend up country the last month.


Hi Bob

Still happy to come if there is interest- there's also a group meeting in Gloucester which is a similar distance from me.



Hi Bob. I live in Andover which is a bit of a drive but would be interested coming.


I do Thruxton from here in 2 hours and Taunton is about 50 minutes from here if that gives you an idea. Hankridge Arms is on the industrial estate about half a mile from J25- M5 where you would end up after coming down A303 and aiming for M5


That sounds definitely do-able!


Am in Okehampton but would be prepared to do the journey , perhaps giving others a lift xxx Jean x


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