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Well, we had a superb lunch at The Diggers today. The food was yummy, the company excellent. (Thanks Tina for a special time of chat and laughs.) Sadly, there were only three of us. We did miss you all. I have only just discovered the thread which informed us that the meet is next Wed. I just didn't look far enough when I checked the date this morning. The pub staff were as mystified as we were, and we couldn't identify a similar booking for next Wed, but I'm sure it's there, Bob is nothing if not reliable and well organised!

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and have made a new friend. I'm very sorry to miss MammaCass, as we have loads to talk about - next time, eh? As Rob and I missed an art lesson to come today, we can't really afford the time to come again next Wed.

We'll be thinking of you though. It is really an excellent time of year for this sort of thing.

Have fun,


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I started to panic when I saw your post Jan, so sorry we won't meet up next week. Perhaps we can meet for a coffee in Gillys in the High Street soon x


That would be great! Suggest a date and time, and we'll go from there. I linedance Mon and Thurs am; Art class, Wed am, and a few filler -in (teaching) lessons here and there. Umm, is your name Sandra? Sorry, it's been a few years! Jan x


Hi Jan, yes it's Sandra. I can't do next week, we have Woodbury on Wednesday and a family wedding on Friday, what about the following week.?


yes ok, how about Thurs 7th? Say 11 am, but I will be hot and sticky after line dancing. If the weather stays, that is. Isn't it gorgeous? Can you give me your mob number, it makes it easier to contact instantly. You got mine in the last message, but if not, its 07792637417

Jan x


Oh dear Jan so sorry about that. More people seemed to be able to make 30th which is why we changed it. Now a few others have dropped out as well so I think we are only 6 now. I did book next week honest



Hi Jan, my mobile is 07890546569, see you on the 7th, is Gillys okay with you or would you prefer Parsons?


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