Change of medicine after seeing doctor

I was on Adcal D3 for just over a week and ached very badly last Friday I lost my balance getting out of the shower and grabbed the door which was open to save myself it banged shut with my fingers in it as I'd fallen against it. My husband ran to help but couldn't open the door. He managed to push enough to let me get my fingers out and after a couple of minutes I rolled and was able to kneel and use my elbows to get up. We dressed the fingers that were bleeding a little. I could wiggle the rest of them so no breaks. I was convinced that it was the calcium that disagreed with me, as I'd been waking up with aches. I spent some time looking up about calcium and also vitamin D.

Not enough vit D can cause these symptoms too. Saw Dr on Monday morning and he said the result of the Vit D test was 31 whereas the optimum is 50 plus, he'd like me at 70. I've been prescribed fultium D3 800 unit capsules to see how I get on. Still feel achy but here's hoping! Hope this contributes something to this thread as who knows for sure what causes AF . My heart feels calm, my son says that the calcium might have helped a bit. Keep well Terjo

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  • Ooh that sounds sore Terjo! So sorry you had such a turn. I didn't know a lack of Vit D could do that but I know everyone north of the Watford Gap is supposed to lack it. I hope it makes you feel better!


  • Thanks Lis, it was the calcium that was making my body feel weak and ache, I'm now on Vitamin D3 and feel miles better. Heart still behaving ,bought more olives and garlic today to eat raw, keep well. Terry

  • If olives and garlic help, I'm definitely in! Glad to hear your heart is behaving :)


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