Results of doctors appointment yesterday

The outcome is to have an ecg at the hospital also be fitted with a holster to see what's ging on when I have fast heart beats. I had one of these years ago but he says they are much smaller and sophisticated than they used to be. Has anyone had one recently?

I also had to have a urine test. I asked about the calcium but he thought this was nothing to worry about, I forgot to tell him that since taking the Adcal-vit D I've been aching which I wasn't before , has anyone else experienced this ? I do appreciate the help you all give and thank you for being here. Terry

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  • Holter monitors are quite small these days but you still have the faff of wires stuck to you. They also seem to work very well at making sure that no event occurs whilst you are wearing them. LOL

  • Had that last time Bob . Thanks for the answer any idea about the calcium ?

  • Dear Terry, I have had to wear a Holter monitor several times, on two occasions for two weeks at a time. It was really no bother, the only down side was the gel on the electrodes was an irritant and made my skin sore but it settled soon after I took the pads off.

    I removed the monitor when showering; kept a diary of symptoms and time they occurred and what I was doing. I remained active All the time I wore the monitor it didn't stop me from working or exercising.

    Sorry I don't know anything about the calcium.

  • My last one was a very small and I had wires popping out all over the place. The first one was a portable Cassette player which was not only heavy but noisy from the motors whirring and I hardly slept that night :(

  • Thank you Bryony and Offcut hope I get the tiny one, will let you know.

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