Would anyone like an aliveCor suitable for an iPhone 5. Free never been used

I was given this aliveCor and told it would work with my iPad, I couldn't get it to work and would like to give it to anyone who would find it useful. Just let me know your address and I'll post it, first to respond will get it..

Happy Christmas to everyone, hope it is AF free, love Mary

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  • I have both an iPhone 5S and an iPad Air 2 and the AliveCor that I bought in an iPhone 5S case works very well with the iPad. If you post some more info then maybe we can get it working for you.

    When did you buy the AliveCor? I bought mine 10 months ago.

  • Thanks very much but I've decided I don't want to keep doing ecg's! I know when things are not right and I try to pretend that there's nothing wrong with me!

  • I would love to receive this if you are sure you will not use it. Would you like some money and postage for it, if I am lucky enough to be the recipient?

  • I would love to give it to you, afraid I don't know how to private message, maybe you do . Let me know your address, Mary

  • Thank you very much Mama48. I have sent you a message.

  • I hear they are very good, I am thinking of getting one myself... Would you like some help with getting it to work though? I'm sure it's possible.


  • Thanks for the offer but as I said earlier I've decided I don't want to keep monitoring my ecg's. I'm an ostrich!

  • I have this desire to know how fast my heart is actually going in AF - quite fast, I suspect! But I do wonder if it's a good thing to know lol.

  • i would love it please my address is 141a leyfield road west derby liverpool l12 9ez my name is mrs julie corringham thank you

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