Palpitations after ablation

It is almost six weeks since my ablation and I was ticking along nicely or so I thought. Apart from a couple of episodes of fast palpitations within a few days of my ablation my heart had been behaving itself. My INR level was coming up to almost 2 and I was beginning to relax. When all of a sudden while sitting quietly at work today I suddenly got palpitAtions of about 115. I got an ECG done at my doctors surgery where they said I was in NSR if there is such a thing at that speed. There was no atrial fibrilation present which is reassuring but couldn't give me a reason for the fast heart rate. I just hope I am not getting another heart problem. My check up at Papworth is booked for mid October so I will take all my ECG results with me then. I am going on holiday on Sunday and plan to relax and not worry Easier said than done though.

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  • It is still very early days and things like this will happen from time to time. Try not to worry and enjoy your holiday.


  • Thanks Bob. I did not see my usual doctor and the one I saw did not seem too interested or informative

  • I had lots of odd things happen in the first 6 months after ablation. I actually started being woken up at 5 am with palpitations at about 8 months having never had any symptoms like that before. They just stopped after a couple of weeks. All this is normal so try not to worry and enjoy your holiday.

  • Thank you porridgequeen. I appreciate your support.

  • I'm sorry to hear of the palps.... I empathize with you! I wake up like formula 1 just began in my chest each day, and it continues most of the day. I am post ablation 3 in six months and I think my nervous system is just fried from the stress. I do believe if we slow down, take time to breath and listen things will improve with time. As Bob always says, "just because we don't have a zipper down our chest doesn't mean we haven't been through quite an ordeal". I have to believe it! So much easier said than done. At the moment I am using my palpitations as a signal to slow down. My focus these days is to be an observer of my body instead of reactive participant. On a good day I succeed! The good news is I think they nailed the Afib. It was so violent and so often they were "obliged" to go back in as the meds didn't work and the episodes were 150-220bpm 2-3 x per week for 5-12 hours. I am going to see a naturopath (again) now that I feel the Afib is "licked", so I can rebuild my autonomic nervous system. I so hope you find a solution, in the meantime you certainly have my compassion.

  • Thank you for your reply. I think I was forgetting to take things easy and breath Sorry to hear you are having palpitations also. My ablation was a success so I just wait and see if the palpitations go away. Take care Iris.

  • so easy to say "take it easy", though it does help! I still feel so much better not being in full blown afib for hours every few days! One issue resolved - the bigger one, but still one to go. I am seeing a naturopath/acupuncturist who is rather unique in his methods monday.. I'll post if he says anything relevant to the situation which could be of value to the community! Take care!

  • I am 5 months excactly post 1st Ablation, and still getting the odd visit from the AF monster, just when I think it is safe to come out of the water etc. every 3 or 4 weeks. Today is my birthday, and guess what had me wide awake at prizes there, the little so and so. (No - not George Clooney) I am still waiting for my 3 month check up ......was told they have a "backlog", I will keep looking for that little brown envelope every day when the post arrives.

  • Thanks for your reply. Will we ever be from from the monster that lives in our hearts or just keep them locked up most of the time. Good luck with your post ablation check up. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer.

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