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4 days post ablation and counting

Well here we are 4 days post ablation still concerned the dreaded going to kick in guess I have become used to 30+ hours of my week being stolen by AF.I had the op. in St.Thomas hospital by Dr.Mathew Wright and team ,prior to op. had real reservations to having GA. especially as I had other comorbidities but my quality of life had been so eroded that I had no choice but be ablated,unless you have suffered from AF.then its difficult to imagine just what an impact it can have on your life AF.started for me about 3 years ago and has got steadily worse during this time my partner and I have not been on holiday cant make advanced plans to go anywhere and I am unable to work as I am a nurse and I couldn't rely on any day that I would be .Well I am putting all this behind me and I so hope my life will be from now on .Best wishes to all you other Afibbers out here and thanks for your posts initially I thought I was the only person in the world withAF. LEADER {Hazel}

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Hope to read that you are feeling better soon. Two weeks on from my ablation under GA I am still slowly recovering. Take care.


I like this analogy of having hours of your life stolen by AF. That's just how it is and there are lots of us, I'm sure, who feel the same. It can have the most enormous impact, filling one up with drugs and encouraging a reluctance to go anywhere or drive more than a few miles. Or leave home at all. Easy to start to exist rather than live.

This feeling of not being able to make plans really spoils everything. Perhaps now you have had an ablation you will begin to feel stronger about moving forwards. Successfully doing spur of the moment things brings a bit more confidence.

Don't be discouraged if you do have a touch of AF because, although it seems very disappointing, it takes a while for the full effect of the ablation to come into force and all is not lost by any means.


Thank you for this post. It means the world to those of us facing ablation. It's great to know that other people understand your problem. Very best wishes for your total recovery.


Well done Hazel. Now you need to keep resting and recover at your own pace. Don't be misled by people who say they went back to work in a few days. We are all individuals (I'm not as the man in Life of Brian said) and recover at our own speed. Two weeks min and no heavy lifting for some time after that. You will get odd flutters, ectopics et al but this is quite normal so relax and enjoy the ride as they say.



I know exactly how you feel. When I had AF I was so unwell, just as you describe. It wrecks your life. Just to cheer you up, after a pacemaker and 3 ablations and a period of 3 - 4 years, I don't have AF any more! Fantastic feeling, and I hope it lasts a good long time, although I realise that it could return. Live for the present, is my motto! Good luck and hope you feel much better soon.



Well done and good luck. Let us know how you go



Well done Hazel. Be well and enjoy your return to normal life.


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