Nearly 4 weeks post ablation

Hi, just a quick update after my ablation, I know Julie5180 and Jomama have also both recently had an ablation and thank you both for your messages. I am sorry, but for some reason, i can not reply to you by private message, so I hope that you both read this and are resting and recovering. Please let us know how you are both doing.

I am getting on with my life as usual, although i am not back to exercising. I still feel very tired and lacking in energy. My heart is definitely calmer, but i am getting ectopic beats that feel like a whack in my chest. These seem to be worse some days than others. I still do not feel back to "normal", but I am not sure what normal is, especially as i have been on bisoprolol since last June. I am looking forward to seeing my EP on 21st April, by which time i hope that my heart will be calmer and i can come off all medication. X

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  • Hi great to hear from you. Here's to a calmer heart by April! I've also been having atrial ectopics but we are already planning a second ablation. I hope for you they all subside and you can get back to exercising very soon and feel less tired. Keep taking it slowly won't you for now. Xx

  • Hi, what's the reason for the second ablation? xx

  • Hi cos the atrial ectopics are making pacing programming (I had pacemaker after ablation) more difficult and also they are giving me symptoms still. It was always thought pre-ablation that there may be more than one pathway (think that's right) of AF so I potentially would need two ablations. I'm on bisopropol for life with my pacemaker. I actually think it's also making me tired as when I had 1/8 of the dose I'm now on last July I was bradycardic (which now I can't be cos of pacemaker) and felt disgustingly tired. My ablation will be in May but I'd like to get back to work soon before next one! Can't drive for few more weeks. X

  • Oh my, you sound like you have been having a hard time. Mine is a walk in the park by comparison. You need to take it easy and not rush back to work before you are ready, so that you can recover and feel strong for your next ablation. XX

  • Thank you. I'm on a real go slow!

  • Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for posting. I'm 10 days post ablation and feeling rather well. Still a little bit tired but am walking the dog and actually went food shopping yesterday. No flip-flopping is rather calm. Definitely a higher rate but that is to be expected after ablation. Going back to work on Monday and actually looking forward to it. It's quite boring lying around the house and I feel worse when I'm not up and about. I only work part-time as a registrar so not strenuous at all. I have my follow up on March 21 so we shall see what doc says. Wearing a holter monitor for 3 weeks and sending test EKG strips twice daily to doctor. Sorry to hear about your ectopic but my doctors and others on this forum said that is completely normal during the blanking period and I fully expect to get those too now and then. Of course if they don't happen I won't be complaining. Keep in touch and let me know how your follow up goes. Good luck!

  • Hi Jomama, good to hear that you are feeling well and heading back to work. I never get to sit on the sofa and watch television or read a book, so i enjoyed my time doing nothing. If you are bored that's probably a good sign that you are on the mend. Your check up is before mine, so let me know how you get on. Take care and don't overdo it...

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