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5 days Post Ablation

It's now 5 days since I had my ablation last Wednesday. It was carried out under sedation and I've no idea why it took 6hrs instead of the 3hrs I was told beforehand. I think I've read on here about others having 6hr ones too. They looked in my left atria first and checked work they had done two years ago and found that o.k, so moved on to the right . My EP kept saying to me we're doing really well here. I also had two cardioversions as they carried out the op. Another person was booked for the same procedure after me and had it cancelled - must have been so disappointing for them to be sent home!

Does anyone know why they put a tube into the chest when it's done?

I've lost my lethargy for the first time today and ventured out, lured by lunch at a favourite vicarage garden nursery in a small village. Mind you I still needed my afternoon nap!


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My first Ablation took 6.5 hours, second Ablation 3 hoursx


Jean, So happy to hear that you are doing ok. Not sure why they would have put a tube in your chest unless there was fluid around the heart or lungs. It does take time to get that energy back... Don't overdo it and make sure your getting your rest.



Good news is always welcome Jean. I guess the tube was a drain for some fluid as Tim says. Please take things easy. It will take up to three months before you are fully back to normal and overdoing thongs now could mean that taking longer. I was told do nothing for the first week and not much more for the second. After my first ablation I really overdid things and put me back a long time.



Day 4 for me and mine was 4 hrs but under GA. Heart is behaving well but I still feel pretty exhausted and have quite a stiff back which I guess is from all the lying down! Hoping to feel more energetic before too long but am resting lots this week.


Yes, my back has been feeling uncomfortable too. Felt really bright and normal yesterday, but tired again today. Guess that's how it's going to be for a while. Keep in touch and let me know how you are.


Thank you all for your responses. Very much appreciated.


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