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4 months post ablation and AF free

Follow up appointment with the cardiologist today and all is good. Had the ablation in June and have not had any palpitations, breathlessness, etc since. Suffering a bit from oesophageal spasm brought on by the ablation, but nothing I can't live with. Am going to be weaned off the Bisoprolol and then the Warfarin. For those that remember, I had a breast tumour removed 4 months ago as well and have been discharged from there too.

Life is looking good, long may it continue.

So good luck to all of you that are facing an ablation, it Can work first time (let's hope that's not a famous last words statement!)

Thanks to you all for your support and Bob for his wise counsel.

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How encouraging all of this is!


Had my ablation 10 years ago and have been clear of AF since, but now got ectopics instead (controlled by drugs). Anyhow, long may it continue. I came off all drugs till the ectopics started, except that I have always been anti-coagulated, probably for life now I guess? Even though my CHADS score is zero!

Good luck



Thanks for sharing, very encouraging with a week to go to my own ablation.

Glad you're feeling so much better, long made it continue.



Thank you for that good news about your ablation and also it's wonderful that your operation was successful too.

Your post has helped people like me who are dithering (plain scared) over the prospect of ablation . . .

Best wishes


Great news! Hope mine turn out as good!

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How wonderful to hear such fantastic news!




Good news there but don't be in too much of a hurry to ditch the warfarin . Many EPs now think that you should be on it for life if you have AF and successful ablation does NOT remove the stroke risk from recent study. Nice to see success stories.



Fabulous news! Long life - healthy and calm.


Hi, Only just read your post but had to reply and wish you well,

so glad everything has turned out well for you.

Good luck Shirley.


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