3 days on bisoprolol and no symptoms of PAF!

Am feeling very upbeat as this is as long as I have gone without an episode since the symptoms started 3 months ago. Just a minor blip this afternoon when I felt a bit light-headed and tired for a couple of hours. Otherwise have been my usual self. Have been monitoring my B/P and pulse twice daily as requested by GP. Pulse still irregular but has not gone above 79 and B/P OK. Should say I am female, aged 62 years and have long standing rheumatoid arthritis, 40 years. On steroids daily, anti-inflammatory drugs daily, methotrexate injections weekly and rituximab infusions approx. 12 monthly.

Suspect that this drug therapy may have played a part in the AF. Also had breast cancer 8 years ago, mastectomy, chemotherapy and Herceptin infusions. Everything I have read leads me to believe that my AF may be drug-induced. If it is, I would not have changed a thing as I am a survivor of BC and have a manageable life with rheumatoid despite numerous joint replacements and significant disability.

Just hoping this drug continues to keep my symptoms at bay!

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  • Nice to read somebody saying something GOOD about bisoprolol as it is great for some people. So happy for you.


  • What great news Scorer, long may this feeling continue!

  • Hi Scorer - Good to hear, will keep my fingers crossed for you that you continue to keep AF at bay.

  • That's great Scorer, very glad the bisoprolol has helped already - stay well!


  • Hello scorer. I hope that you continues to be symptom free.

  • Hello Scorer, hope you keep this up you have been through enough. Keep well.


  • Best wishes hope it lasts, you deserve a break x

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