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Is this normal post ablation behaviour?


I'm 8 days post ablation. For the first 5 days, all was fine, but for the last two days, my heart rate has become irregular with extra beats and skipped beats (feeling to me like palpitations). My heart rate is around 55 bpm and I'm not feeling physically bothered at all just very anxious. Pre- ablation, I never had three days on the trot of this, so is this to be expected after the ablation, or is something amiss. I'm on no drugs except warfarin.

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Hi Therealsue,Yes it is quite normal,it takes time for the scar tissue to form and you,ll probably have funny little beats and flutters over the next few months but if it gets worse and you start to worry just give the EPs secretary a ring and she,ll advise you what to do.

Thank you, argzxoni.

Agreed, it is often the heart settling post ablation... try to roll with it, so it doesn't stress you more. Give it the time necessary to heal, but stay in touch with your drs so they can provide positive and clarifying input! All the best-

Thanks, iris.

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