cryo ablation on Tuesday

my warfarin levels are stable at the required range and it certainly wasn't the problem I thought it was going to only hassle has been remembering the pills. I had a TOE yesterday under sedation and while it may have been unpleasant I don't remember and that too was a nonevent. My cryo ablation is scheduled for Tuesday and I would be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat anxious, nevertheless I'm really looking forward to it and hopeful about the results.Unlike some I have had great support from my Dr and my cardiologist but nevertheless I have found this forum fantastic and I don't believe I would be having an ablation so soon without all your knowledge and support. Thank you

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  • That's good news. I must admit to being more worried about the T.O.E. than the ablation! Good luck for yours.x

  • TOE- ? piece of cake- I was out for that with Dormicum! you'll fly through it as well!

    best wishes!

  • I felt the same before mine 3 months ago. I'm so glad I got it done and I hope yours is as successful as mine (so far). There's nothing to worry about. It's all over very quickly even though it takes two hours. The discomfort while ablating is like swallowing ice cream quickly. Nothing you can't put up with for a few minutes. Hope it goes well.

  • Great- best wishes for your ablation! the waiting is the most difficult part! keep us posted!

  • Toe?

  • Transesophageal echocardiogram.... Hope I spelt that right! It's a small prob that is passed down the throat and it can look at the structure of the the heart and valves in detail, it is offered in correlation with some heart procedures and it can detect any clots lurking around and gain a better picture pre procedure.... I'm sure someone will help out and correct if I'm wrong as this is just my take on it! :-)

  • Thanx 4. Good luck with it.

  • Pretty good description.

  • Good luck for Tuesday, wishing you all the best, I have mine on Monday! :-)

  • Hi 4charl - Hope all goes well for you on Monday. Please let us know how your procedure goes. Will be thinking of you and waiting for news.


  • Awww thanks Jean, I will certainly post an update on how it all went! Charlotte :-)

  • Wishing you good luck for Tuesday. You will wake a new woman, but don't forgot it will take a while for your heart to recover from the procedure and three months for the scar tissue to form. Take it easy for the next few weeks and please let us know how you get on.


  • good luck on Monday Charlotte. Thanks for the comments Jean but I hope I don't wake up a new woman. John.!

    I'll let you know how I get on but I will be out of contact for a week as I don't know how to work the Internet away from home. It's a five hour drive to the hospital , my wife is coming with me for support .

  • Yep me about the TOE I dodged the last one 10 years ago...

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