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Cryo ablation

Yesterday had an appointment with my EP (his registrar). Had a little chat, obviously tuned in to previous reviews by EP via notes. We discussed Tacycardia which normally occurs say 6/7 weeks, possibly lasting for at least 3hrs. Unfortunately the previous one the AF for the next 24hrs. He put it forward re Cryo ablation, which my previous ablation was dealt with 7years ago. Life has not been too bad, but we all know how the Tacycardia tells on us 🤔

Please, please, need to be more informed on Cryo ablation - procedure etc!!

Had a TIA 3 years ago, so now on Amiodarone and Pradaxa.

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There is a very comprehensive fact sheet/book on all aspects of ablation on the main AF Association website. Please go there and down load and if there are any residual questions no doubt we can help.

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I'm having one Wednesday. Been through my pre screening and evidently passed so onwards I go. Here is a you tube video that kind of explain it


Very interesting. Thanks for posting. Does anyone know what the black smoke that the video shows being deployed immediately before the ablation is?




Alan, if you go to maybe you can contact them and find out.


Thanks ever so much for info, hope all goes well paulh1. Keep us informed on our site.



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