I am due to have my first ablation on the 4th December - this is to be cryo-ablation whilst under sedation. I have been told that this has a 70% chance of working first time and that I will have one almighty "brain freeze" headache afterwards! Can anyone tell me what to expect? On another note, can anyone tell me if it's ok to use an Ibuprofen gel whilst on warfarin (I know I can't take ibuprofen tablets)?

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  • Interesting question that. I would have said no but a locum GP did give me some a while back and told me it wouldn't make any difference. Not totally sure I agree with him but at the time I needed to believe him! lol


  • Thanks for this Bob.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am on 40mg/week warfarin, but occasionally use Ibruprofen gel (with no adverse effects) on joints which are stiff and painful (from Amiodarone and statins). I did have a duodenal ulcer about 30 yrs ago and have avoided oral anti-inflammatories such as Ibruprofen and aspirin. Probably best to check with your GP to avoid any "nasty surprises".

    regards, Mallet-head

  • Thanks Mallet-head

  • Hiya Sharon,

    Have a look back through my posts, I had one two weeks ago and its really isnt anything to fear.


  • Will do Timmo50 - many thanks

  • Re the gel, ask at the chemists, they should know I'd have thought?

  • Good idea - thanks

  • Hi Sharon

    I had my cryogenic-ablation about 5 years ago in the BRI under Tim Cripps and it has been very successful (touching wood and hoping this doesn't set it off). I had a couple of blips in the first year but on the whole I am very happy and apart from occasional ectopics all is well. Just take it easy after, I used to have a lunchtime nap each day.

    All the best, Jackie

  • That's very encouraging - thanks Jackie

  • Good luck for your procedure on Wednesday. Jackie xx

  • My chemist said the gel was fine as the absorption process is different.


  • Thanks Mumknowsbest - must admit I can't see how it can effect the blood.

  • Hi Sharon I am having a cryoablation on the fourth too so we will have to compare notes. They neglected to tell me about the headache , that won't worry me as long as it works. They did say as I have been in PAF for about 3 months there is a good chance I will need 1 or 2 rf ablations afterwards. We will see I believe in miracles never used to but I'm over this condition and am looking forward to Wednesday. I wish you all the best I'm sure all will go well


  • I'm sure we are the same as everyone else and hope that we only need it the once!! I hope we both have an easy time of it and look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Good luck and take care.

  • All good - on the final countdown now

  • Hi Sharon the difference I believe from what I have been told is the longer a person is in PAF the less likely the ablation will be successful on the first attempt ( that is nor being negative but a fact ) so whilst I am optimistic I won't be deverstated if it is what happens to me. I just need the journey to start . I'm sure yours will work , mine would have 6 months ago but my fingers and toes are all crossed that I won't be the norm and I will be going yabba dabba doo

    Hugs and more hugs


  • Hi Brian - how did it go?

    Everything went well for me - I do remember bits of it.

    During the night I did have a few palpitations but at least I was linked to a heart monitor and the hospital have a record of it and I also had an AF attack for about 10 hours after I left hospital - but nothing since then. The pain has more or less gone from my chest (as long as I don't sneeze), have a big bruise at the top of my leg and headaches that come and go. All in all I am feeling much better and am actually looking forward to have this week off work lol.

    Please let me know how you are.

    Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon

    All went well. Had a sleepless nite in hospital but that's normal for me. Been in SR ever since 6 days now - yahoo. Anaesthetic or something is making me tired but in general I feel great. The leg isn't great and the chest feels odd. Every day I'm getting stronger and more focused so all is good.

    I'm pleased all went well with you

    Take care


  • Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm three weeks post cryoablation ....... and yes I had ten days of continuous hammering migraines with aura and hallucinations but if it works its a small price to pay. I wish you both a smooth procedure.

  • Hi Carriewoods - you poor thing, that sounds horrendous! Still at least I know it's not unusual if it's like that for me. Many thanks for your good wishes.

  • Why the headache is it the anaesthetic? Is it any different to anaesthesia for R.F. ablation? Hope all continues well for you and your headache goes quickly. X

  • Hi Dedeottie, as far as I'm aware the headache is because of the cryo part (they freeze at -73 degrees instead of the burning with the RF - hence the "brain freeze" headache). Hopefully I won't get one! Guessing you are going to have an RF ablation? Hope it's soon and goes well for you. Many thanks for your good wishes.

  • good luck to you both on the 4th!

  • Thank you Rosy

  • Thanks . I am seeing my E.P. on the 12th and want to be ready with questions. I believe CRYO IS often more successful with more persistent A.F. Will be thinking of you.x

  • Thank you Dedeottie

  • Hi Sharon

    How did the cryo go the other day?

    I hope you are taking it easy for a while so that your system can settle down.

    All the best

    Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie

    Many thanks for your message.

    Everything went well for me although I did have an AF attack for about 10 hours after I left hospital - but nothing since then. The pain has more or less gone from my chest (as long as I don't sneeze), have a big bruise at the top of my leg and headaches that come and go. All in all I am feeling much better and am actually looking forward to have this week off work - will be catching up on some telly and getting on with my cross stitch :D

    Fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky 70% for who it works first time.

  • Hi I've had an ablation 16mths ago at the Royal Brompton Heart and Lung , it worked for a year almost to the day, waiting for the next one , it can take three I'm told. I get gout and use ibuprofen gel on my feet prescribed by the Doc , I appear ok with it and the warfarin . Hope all is getting better. P

  • Hi Forestoke

    Merry Christmas!

    Many thanks for your advice on ibuprofen gel.

    It has been 3 weeks today since my ablation but I have been having daily episodes of AF lasting for a few hours each time. 2 occasions have been caught on ECG so the hospital have advised me to stop taking the flecainide - but it's still happening. Before stopping the flecainide I had 2 episodes of my heart rate dropping to between 37-42 which have really knocked me for six for a few hours! Hopefully that won't happen again. If the AF is still continuing by Friday I've to phone them again and I will probably be put on amiadrone(?) for a few weeks to try to fix it. Fingers crossed it all settles down soon.

    Hope you get your date for the second ablation soon.


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