Cryo ablation

I am 2 day post cryo ablation and have had both sides of my upper leg done which is sore today which I expected, this is my second ablation.

I am slightly breathless but already I have started having flutters again in my heart and am slightly worried about this, is this normal to have this? Could it just be my heart settling down after all this?

Has anyone else experienced the same? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hello

    Try not to worry....all sounds normal. I was breathless post all three ablations. It can be due to inflammation around the heart as a result of the procedure. I could not lie down to sleep for a couple of weeks as I was chesty, as i called it.

    I had flutters too, if I did too much post ablation...again that settled over a few weeks.

    Also it is not uncommon to have little bouts of AF during this healing period.

    Just rest, rest and rest!!

  • Thank you so much that so reassuring, will take your advice

    Thank you again

  • Quite normal. I really do not understand why they do not emphasise that you will have some strange goings on for at least three months as it take this long for the heart to heal. Try not to worry please.

  • Thank you so much feel so much better now after reading your reply!

  • I had all sorts of arrhythmias and they lasted for 5 months, gradually disappearing. That was 3 years ago and had 3 years of peaceful heart. So don't worry and good luck. 🍀

  • Hi lallym,

    Thank you so much, fingers crossed it will all settle down soon.

    Thank you again for your reassuring words .🙂

  • Relax...just think how you would feel if someone just roughed you up and then froze you!!! LOL It will take some time just think of it as a healing process...your heart is working its way back to you......

    geegee :)

  • Hi geegee,

    I love your reply!!! Thank you so much and yeah you do have a point, your right thank you and thank you for making me smile as well!!! 😁

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