EEEEEK! Ablation on Tuesday

Had a call from Harefield at lunchtime, could I come in on Monday? Luckily I am not 'doing' Christmas this year (though only postponed until New Year to have a birthday party for my husband) so I thought I'd better get it over with before I catch a bug!

My stomach is whizzing round though I don't know why. I had a horrendous spinal op a few years ago and wasn't nervous about that because I was so desperate to have it but I haven't quite got my head around the idea I really need this procedure.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll all wish me luck and I thank you for all the helpful info and support.


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  • Mines potentially in the new year and I feel nervous and I don't even have a date confirmed yet.

    I'm sure all will be fine. Reading about successful ablations on here certainly helps.

    Good luck :)

  • Good luck although I don.t think you,ll need it,It,s a piece of cake.The dentist is far worse believe me.

  • I do!

  • Hi Buffafly,

    My best wishes for your ablation, Harefield is very good I hear.

    Kind Regards


  • good luck for next week let us know how you get on please

  • I will, hoping that I won't have to 'edit' too much 😀

  • As I posted, I had hardly any warning last week. It was just fine and all over in no time at all. If you didn't really need the procedure it would not be offered to you, so have faith in your EP and put yourself in capable hands. I'm sure you'll be well looked after. One of the ladies at my ablation told me she would be monitoring me all the time. She said I wouldn't be able to see her but I was to know that she would be down at the foot end giving me her attention all the time and she would pop up to the head end to have a look every now and then. I don't remember her doing so but it was nice to feel cared for as I drifted off.

  • Thank you, how lovely! I hope you are getting on well

  • Feeling fine and trying not to do too much.

  • You will be fine . No need for good luck messages.

  • Keep thinking about how good you'll feel when your a fib has been cured, and the procedure becomes a very welcomed event.

  • Its definately worth it, good luck

  • Keep us posted, I'm waiting for mine so feedback will be welcome. Best wishes

  • Sounds same as me one weeks notice and I go in Saturday morning at spire st Anthony at Epsom. Have to travel from lowestoft east Anglia first so going down tomorrow night...finding a hotel at short notice in London at a Christmas weekend took a few days though!! Especially for husband to stay the Saturday whilst they keep me in overnight.father in law suddenly and seriously ill in local hospital this week and now worried about leavingy 16 and 14 year olds home alone for two nights has taken the edge off worrying about the actual ablation. I am worrying about silly things like do I really need paper knickers as can't get any locally so using old cotton I take laptop to watch a DVD whilst stuck on my back. I have not even thought about the procedure!!

    Good luck for yours...we can compare notes as we go along!!

  • I've got stretched Knicks on their way to recycling so they'll do. The website shows some veeeery sensible slippers so I might need new ones. When I was lying in bed after my spinal op I used to play Angry Birds on my small tablet so I'm taking that. Not sure how you'd watch a DVD?

    Good wishes, I look forward to swapping notes!

  • Don't worry if you can't find the paper knickers. They are only for your convenience. They will give you a pair for the ablation. Make sure you get the right size.

    I followed the list that they sent to me and it didn't list a nightdress. The nurse asked if I had one to change into after the 4hr lie-in. No. So I stayed in their gown. A dressing gown is a must.

    You will be propped up a bit rather than lying flat out so you can see a DVD. Liverpool had wall mounted flat screen TVs mounted high on the wall. The only way I could watch without risking neck injury was to lie flat out on the bed.

    Lay out everything that you will need onto the bedside trolley so that you can reach things. I tried to text my 2 sons immediately I was back in bed but my hands were so shakey post-GA that the text was just "OK" At least they knew it was over!

  • Harefield has TVs at the end of each bed but take some earphones with a long lead as they seem very short of them.

  • Great, just discovered I will be away with the fairies when our spaceman blasts off - at least I will be able to see the 1000 repeats 😀

  • Howesgilly, you should be able to get paper Knicks in the maternity shelves in Boots and Tescos


  • It wasn't bad for me so far at all. 4 days out. Would go again tomorrow if needed. Surgery I slept through. Post op was rough and shocking. Got better through day and have been in and out of feeling normal and feeling poor. Mostly feeling good. Working and moving about.

  • Best wishes Buffafly - Harefield is one of the best. xx

  • Wonderful news, you'll be 'all new' by the new year x

  • Better be, husband's 80th birthday weekend after New Year. Can hear people laughing but you have to be positive. Family can always make their own beds and luckily we have two freezers.

  • So good to have a date. X

  • Good luck.

  • I think it's better not to have too long to think about it! I'm sure all will be fine. Good to start the New Year AF free!

  • I had Ablation and cardioversion in January. It is scary but its not as bad as you think. Good luck for Tuesday. Try to relax!

  • Difficult to sleep last night, then woken at 8.15 by arrhythmia nurse wanting latest INR! I'm on Rivaroxaban.....

  • As I'm just over a week post ablation I say go for it girl! What a great Christmas present. X

  • As I've said before, mine was a breeze and worked brilliantly.

    Good luck with it.


  • Good luck and make sure you report back on how it all went.

    Jean x

  • Hi Buffafly, I was like you and worked myself into such a state the night before I nearly went home with my visiting daughter. Soooo glad I didn't. You will be fine, the procedure you will know nothing about if you are having a general, I was out for 7 hours and it seemed like minutes. The worst part about it was couldn't sleep with all the goings on and they will keep checking your wounds but you can catch up on that when you are home. Maybe take some earphones and iPod or some kind of player. Harefield is a wonderful hospital, they are all very caring and helpful. Good luck, but you won't need it. Keep us posted.


  • Thank you, quite pleased not to have time to arrange funeral, make list of 'where to find important stuff' etc. Quite used to the 'hospital not for sleeping routine', you have to just be glad you are still alive 😉

  • What are you like! You'll have a new lease of life when it's done. 👍


  • .. and its good luck from me

  • It wasn't bad for me so far at all. 4 days out. Would go again tomorrow if needed. Surgery I slept through. Post op was rough and shocking. Got better through day and have been in and out of feeling normal and feeling poor. Mostly feeling good. Working and moving about.

  • Hi . . . I had a Laminectomy (back operation) seven years ago in Musgrove but Pradeep Madevan the specialist.

    How is it you went to Harefield for an ablation & not Bristol? I ope I don't have to have one. I've had two cardio versions so far & am on Flecainide 150mg twice a day & seven days ago flipped back into AF . . . . just had an ECG at French Weir surgery. . . . . I live in the Galmington area . . . . You'll know all these names as you're only two miles away according to this website. Jim.

  • Hi Jim, I had Paul Thorpe for my spinal fusion op 5 years ago, also go to French Weir.

    I was given the choice of Harefield or Bristol. I realised Harefield would be a logistical nightmare but before I could change I was called in, bit of a nightmare, see my blog later!

  • Thank you . . . . . I wondered if they are better at ablations at Harefield hence you going there.

    I flipped back into AF last Sunday but had been clear since July 3rd. I had an ECG yesterday confirming it. My Dr is Timothy Howe at French Weir & we're now waiting for a reply from Stewart Walker the specialist to see if I can have my 3rd cardioversion or not.

    I live in Deane Drive.

    Good to link up with you,

    Regards to you & yours,

    Jim Blanchard.

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