2nd Ablation planned - 8 weeks post 1st ablation.

Not "disheartened" yet!

Just to keep things current, a follow up to a few who'd requested an update. It appears my 1st ablation was not successful, so I will be returning to the EP lab in two weeks. One piece of information that I thought appropriate to add was how helpful the AliveCor device was in recording the multitude, intensity and duration of the subsequent episodes. I am most grateful to Dr. Albert's invention, and Alivecor's assistance via email. As all before me have mentioned, once we've done the first ablation, the major fears of the unknown are behind us. So yes, I'll go back in with my fingers crossed this time!

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  • Well, hope it does the trick this time, Iris. It's good you haven't a long wait. Do keep us in touch.

  • Oh Iris how disappointing for you. Just to say it was the same for me but my 2nd does seem to have worked as I am now + 8 weeks with no significant episode.

    Hope this is the same for you. Agree re AliveCor. Best wishes.

  • That's good news re the AliveCore, as I just bought one the other day. To me, my ECG looks good, at least there's a big bump very regularly at the moment. Going to take myself off my drugs for a week soon, and it'll be interesting to see how it changes, assuming it does. Koll

  • The only setting that didn't have accurate results for me was the handheld method (called Lead I). Best was on the left knee and right hand (Lead II), and chest reading (Anterior Precordial Lead). I saved what read I was using into the ECG file as it was helpful when I gave the ECGs to others to read. One trick they taught me was if you have pants on and are out ( and hopefully you do...), if you dampen the point above your left knee the conduction works fine through the fabric! Best of luck going off the meds. Will have fingers crossed for you Koll

  • I didn't know you could do other ECG's with the AliveCor. Where did you find out Iris, web or the manual (which is so small I can't read it)? K

  • Yes! I will start another thread, so these don't get confused. Will repost the link here!


  • I have a pdf file of it, if anyone wants it I can email it to you if you send me a personal post. You can email it to yourself from your iPhone as well. Open the User Manual in the menu and then in the upper right hand corner you can forward it to your email.

  • Hi Koll ---- Re your Disopyramide, you may recall that I responded to your post when you were first put on this drug.I had alot of experience of Diso. from 1996 -- 2008 when it became unavailable. I won't go over my experiences since then but my point is , please do not be in a hurry to stop this drug if it is working for you as you may regret it. My biggest problems started then.


  • Thanks for that Sandra. I have an appointment with my EP next week, so I was planning to take myself off it in the hope that my heart would start playing up again for him to see. Last time, I had 24/7 heart wobbles for a year, so was put on Disopyramide to try. It put me back into normal rhythm fantastically with a week. Then the EP arranged a 24 hour monitor and asked me to stop taking the drug 3 days before. So I stopped 4-5 days before, and guess what, my heart still ticked away nicely, so the monitor and meeting with the EP was a waste of his time and mine. So plan is to try again. I want an ablation, nut drugs so hope this will help get me there.


  • So glad Sandra added that. I cut my meds back a bit to see what would happen and I went off.... they say even to wean yourself off of beta-blockers. I have no experience with Disopryramide so I didn't pipe in! Good luck!

  • Better luck next time Iris.



  • Thank you, the support is always so helpful here. Will let you know results with time!

    I know there is controversy with regard to timing, Dr chose to go ahead due to the increase in intensity, duration and episodes, he felt the reconnection process needed to be halted sooner than later. Also had a few readings of Atrial Flutter which is a first, though I've read that is a classic result. Had to go on meds on a daily basis just to keep things at bay!

  • I hope all goes well for your next ablation!! I have to say the Alive Cor has been invaluable to me too.

    I had ablation for AF and A flutter in March 2013. Been ok after taking about a year to be normal and walk again with confidence. Then...boom..this Saturday evening...back in flutter and heart rate 127 ish for 30 hour!! So now in hospital in Sheffield awaiting a cardio revew this morning. Cardioversion an option this morning if bisoprolol not bringing sown my rate. All have enjoyed my Alivecor readings and it had been my companion for the last couple of sleepless nights.....so a little scared again!!¡!!!!!

  • I'm sorry to hear of your struggles! I hope they sort this out for you quickly. Keep us posted on how things go for you! Will keep you in my thoughts this morning- Bon courage Frenchgoose!

    PS Iw as DC Cardioconverted during my ablation / they sedated me for thé conversion- don't remember a thing! No discomfort either after thé cardioversion.

  • How did things go this morning?

  • Iris

    The plan is to have a TOE in the next couple of days followed by cardio version and then a flutter touch up ablation.....so now worried about TOE and cardio version,,,,,there is a year waiting list for ablation on NHS so using my private health for ablation. I can barely walk to bathroom today as in a flutter and rate of 130 which won't reduce with bisoprolol. Deep joy for a bank holiday in the UK,,,,,,hope all are enjoying!! Ann

  • Hi Ann - Sorry to hear you are having problems with AF. I have been where you are now many times and know that awful feeling of not being able to do much with the awful tiredness it brings. How long has your heart been racing for? I have had a TOE and then a cardioversion. You won't know anything about is as you will have a general anaesthetic and hopefully just wake up feeling well .

  • Thanks for comforting.comments..if that is the right word....my rate is now 136.... Has been 125 to 136 since Sunday night. Hope my heart can sustain this!!! Ann

  • If it goes any higher I would go to A+E. My heart was around 120ish for 6 weeks earlier this year, then I had a cardioversion. This has happened to me twice in the last 6 months. However each time I was under the care of an arrithymia nurse and having ECG's weekly. Do you have one you can go and see? Really feel for you, cos it's so awful and scary to have your pulse racing constantly. Big hug and private message me if you need support.

  • How are you feeling this morning?

  • Hello...I am now home.....my heart just went back into NSR and rate of 65 without intervention thankfully!!!! I am on 5mg Bisoprolol though so hope that helps keep the rate down and flutter free. They said to go back to A&E if it kicks in again, so feel I will be not going far!! And I am having A flutter ablation in the next few weeks...just waiting for a date. I want a GA again, but with sedation it would be next week!!

    Thanks for your support!!!

  • What great news, long live NSR! Keep us posted prior to the ablation. Take care

  • They will put you under sedation - nothing to worry about - at all! Honestly. I had no discomfort after either. It is great that you are going to get the ablation sooner... the waiting is so hard! Keep us posted.

  • Iris

    I am now home.....my heart just went back into NSR and rate of 65 without intervention thankfully!!!! I am on 5mg Bisoprolol though so hope that helps keep the rate down and flutter free. They said to go back to A&E if it kicks in again, so feel I will be not going far!! And I am having A flutter ablation in the next few weeks...just waiting for a date. I want a GA again, but with sedation it would be next week!!

    So we will both be hoping for second time lucky!! Keep me posted!!!

  • Hello Iris --- Sorry to hear that you have to go through this again. At least they are keeping the momentum going in your part of the world & you certainly don't have long to wait! You won't be so worried this time so here's wishing you all the best & look forward to hearing how things go.


  • Feeling very grateful for the hope of relief and the short wait! Thank you Sandra.

  • Thank you, and yes I am most grateful, when I hear of the struggles you folks have with the NHS, appointments and ablations. I am lucky.... but then I do pay a hefty insurance bill for it! Nonetheless reducing the wait time is a tremendous gift.

  • Iris - really sorry to hear you need another ablation but it seems to happen quite often- the EP I have seen says she often needs two goes as does as little as possible each time

    I hope all goes well and do let us know how you get on please,

    best wishes,


  • Thank you Rosemary, as mentioned, just grateful they can try again! I will report in! thank you for the support.

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