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Two weeks post 2nd ablation

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Hi everyone two weeks now passed since second ablation and things are feeling quite different this time. After the cryoablation I had in April by the second week from what I can remember I was feeling really quite well. Two weeks ago I had a further ablation (not cryoablation) and I am finding my energy levels this time are so low. I had my granddaughter with me for a couple of days this week, one morning we did some baking and after a couple of hours I completely hit the wall, legs went to jelly, hands trembling and head spinning! Today my chest feels very heavy and occasionally aches and flutters and my body the feels very achey . I wonder whether this is as it should be, as I am aware of the repairing process, or whether it could be because I had the two procedures within the space of four months. Has anyone else had two procedures within such a short period of time ?

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Not yet having grandchildren I can't say if they wear you out that much but I can say that two weeks post ablation is not long. Stop beating yourself up and keep resting.

Cryo-ablation is usually much faster than RF so you are in the lab for less time and if kept under that makes a huge difference. Yes it is a bit close as you have hardly had time to heal properly from the first ablation. I had about a year between all mine. You have had quoite a beating in there.

Rest and more rest and I am sure in six months you will be fine. Oh yes and stay well hydrated.

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Nanabrodie in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. I did have a General Anesthetic both times which seems to knock me for six. My body isn't letting me do too much at the moment so will have to do as I'm told.

The other point I'd like to make is if you ever have concerns about whether what you are experiencing is normal, please contact your healthcare provider asap and don't rely on random feedback on the internet. I do not like the sound of " my chest feels very heavy" and would want to know whether there could be fluid accumulation or other problem that actually could be quite dangerous.

Thank you. It comes and goes but will heed you advice.

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greg35 in reply to Nanabrodie

Hi Nanbrodie I also had 2 ablations this year 3 mths apart! I also have grandchildren and am afraid I undertook looking after them just 1 week after each ablation I think this hindered my recovery and I am now booked in for a third I had lots of different aches and pains in my chest but weakness and shakiness was muvc more severe this time but do get it checked out.

Regards Ingrid

I had my second ablation within 2 months of the first and yes, I can completely relate to your experience with the fatigue. I felt amazing after the first ablation but that only lasted a month. I am sure that the stress leading up to the second ablation and the General Anesthetic I had knocked me for six. I had a mild out of breath feeling for months along with digestion problems. Much could probably be put down to the Amiodarone taking its 6 months to wear off along with the cocktail of other drugs they had tried in a move to stop the AF. I was pre warned that it is not unusual for it to take 18 months or so to get your confidence back. It all makes sense because you felt so good after the first only to receive a massive kick back. We tend to then be waiting for the next. I am not waiting now and 4 years after the event, like most, I just get the odd 3-6 second oddity.

Thank you all for your replies. The only medication I'm taking is rivaroxoban as an anti coagulant so haven't got anything to blame this time. Fingers crossed that it won't be too long before I feel back to normal.

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