AF back 8 weeks post ablation

I'm a 65 yr old who has had persistent AF for 8 yrs. I am not controlled on meds and have had 6 cardio versions and I ablation. The ablation was 8 weeks ago and today back into AF

So sick of it all, but still taking Flecainide and Diltaizem . Nasty side on Flecainide migraines and nausea. I also take Pradax.

Easy to get discouraged so that is why I have joined your group. To learn more about living with AF

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  • Sometimes it happens a few weeks following ablation everything has to settle so they told me but 12 months mine lasted I am now on list for second one but very unsure about going through it all again.

  • I don't see that for me there is a choice Drugs and cardio version aren't able to keep me in SR. Hate the thought of another ablation BUT that maybe the one that kicks AF

  • Make sure you have a general anesthetic, ask for it if they don't offer.

  • I was refused one for my first ablation but as it was so painful they said if I have to have a second one I will be given one. What was your experience with a GA ?

  • Very positive and it was better for them too as they said they could do more.

  • Thanks, I think I will definitely have a GA if I have to have another Ablation

  • My understanding (from this forum) is that atrial fibrillation doesn't instantly disappear following ablation. Rather, during the healing process one can indeed get irregularities and atrial fibrillation, in some cases more than before the ablation, because the heart has been lesioned and needs to heal. You need to be patient and wait until the heart recovers fully. At that point, you'll have a better sense for whether the ablation was successful or whether you need a second one -

  • Hi there, I am a 66 year old male who was until about 4 years ago very active. Following 2 cardio versions which lasted for about 12 months each, I finally went into permanent AF. A scheduled appointment with an EP showed the diameter of my left Atrium at 5 cm, and so too large for a normal Ablation. It was suggested that I wait for a new procedure which was being used in the USA called The Hybrid Ablation procedure. This involves 2 procedures : Surgical Ablation of the outside of the heart, followed by the normal Ablation of the inside of the heart to ensure mutability of all lesions. I am now 3 weeks post part 2 & so far so good. My resting HB : 68-72 & during increasing exertion, so far, up to 122. I will be trying my 1st bike ride today for over a year, but only one lap of my normal 5, just to see how it goes. I will be very careful not to push too hard. Still sling way to go yet before I find out if this procedure has worked for me..

    It might be worth a few enquiries for yourself. If you look through my posts you find my updates prior to, and post procedures.Good Luck.

  • Of course it's discouraging to still be having AF after an ablation, but firstly, give it time. You could well find in a few months you are much better off than you were before and can give up the flecainide. Then see how you go, take advice and if a further ablation is needed, that may enable you to make further progress.

    Do be optimistic. Lots of us who are now doing well - and no longer depending on flecainide - have been in your current situation and know how disappointing it feels.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I think that I wasn't fully aware that AF can return so soon after ablation and that patience rather than panic is needed

    So wanted to come off the flecainide which my EP said I could this Tuesday.

    I get migraines from that drug, has any one been on it and become tolerant of it? I seem to be sensitive to a few AF drugs- Amiodarone Bisoprolol

    Finally I've had 2 back surgeries for prolapsed disc, so lying on my back for 6 hrs (2 during the cryo ablation) and 4 in recovery was agony with no analgesic available. Is there any other entry other than the femoral veins the docs can use?

  • I had a touch of AF two weeks after ablation and have a bit about once every six weeks. Although things were not perfect, I was told I could stop flecainide which was very pleasing. I have taken 50mgs three times in the past year to clobber bouts of AF that didn't go away spontaneously after a couple of hours. I'm so much better off than I was two years ago.

    I think they can go via the shoulder but it's not often done.

  • Thanks for the info. Are you on any other drug for AF now you aren't on Flecainide?

    Also Flecainide hasn't controlled my AF as it returned, and while I still take it I'm still in AF

  • I don't take anything for AF, but I do take atenolol and losartan for blood pressure control. And (as of two weeks ago) I take rivaroxaban - which I much prefer to warfarin.

    Sorry you are still in AF. Flecainide worked well for me.

  • Eight weeks it far too soon to say it hasn't worked. It takes at least three months and often up to six for the heart to settle down and heal properly and these things are quite normal so please don't give up just yet. A second ablation or even third may rid you of the curse so think positively. What you think it what you are!


  • I'm 58, had three ablations and too many cardioversions to count. Due to misdiagnosis I won't ever get rid of persistent af but most of the time the drugs control it which include flecanidde and dilzem. Now my body is used to them I don't notice them at all. Without them I cannot function. As it is, 10 years on from diagnosis I have a demanding but fulfilling job that involves 2000 miles plus driving a week - would never have thought I could do that with this condition.

    How to manage it - go to bed no later than ten and get up no earlier than 7 - if yo uare not a good sleeper than learn how to be one. Eat sensibly three times a day. Half a bottle of red or white wine each night. If you get palpatations, lie down and keep still until they have gone, ideally sleep. If I get them when I am out I breathe deeply x 10 and then again and again until they at least calm if not go. Don't owrry about heart attack or stroke that's what the wafarin is for. Don't get stressed.

  • After my cardio version last November I went back into persistent AF within 24 hours. Had an ablation and went back into persistent AF less then 72 hours later. My EP had told me that in my case he thought that there was no chance it would work first time and that it could quite possibly take three ablutions. I had asked him for a realistic assessment. If you have persistent AF it is at best a 50% chance of success first time. In my case I was in the lab on my back for 6.5 hours then in recovery / in the ward on my back for another three hours.

  • Keep you chin up

  • Thanks, and so sorry you went through all that. Hope you are OK now

  • I am not worried (even when I was taken to A&E in the middle of the night last Tuesday because of uncontrollable AF). Just waiting for Ablation No 2. I have bad days and better days - I expect that you are the same. The heat makes it worse for me.

  • I think my problem isn't so much the fact of AF but how lousy I feel when I get it, despite the drugs. Today 2nd day of AF went for gentle workout, felt breathless especially when climbing stairs. Work hard at keeping fit and it's so frustrating to have to reduce your cardio routine cause you simply can't do it. Also hate feeling tired the whole time.

    I know many people have been through far worse experiences than mine so yes trying to be positive and believe that one day I'll be off meds and in NSR

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