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new anticoaglants

been to see GP today to swap from warfarin to a new anticoagulant. They say GP doesnt normally prescribe these my EP said he was happy for GP to prescribe GP now waiting on EP rationale. My INR fluctuates particularly on holiday change in life style heat etc last yr needed Vit k drops on return home from hol and on 2nd hol had vit k drip and 12 hrs in a and e. now we are retired all plans have to revolve round INR check appts Any ideas on how to get the new anticoaglants please.

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My GP prescribed my new anticoagulant. I told her my cardiologist (had not seen an EP at that stage) had recommended it and hey presto she gave me a prescription for Rivaoxaban immediately. No questions asked re cost which is usually the issue.

Think you may have to push but there is no real valid reason for you not to be prescribed it if it is medically suitable for you.

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Wow! You are so lucky. I am Chads3 score (diabetes, hypertension, gout + AF) and despite my cardio/EP AND consultant haematologist all stating that I should go on the new Acs because I am out of the country for long periods, my doctor refuses to prescribe. I am on my 3rd appeal at the moment but so far have been told that "the NHS is bankrupt and cannot afford all these new drugs" Take care


thanks think its because he says he has no objections and they want clinical reasons why its better than warfarin. I will push as much as i can as if i stop and have a stroke then that will be far more expensive . I think its a cost thing but will wait and see my GP is going to get back to me when they have spoken to EP.


It was my GP who told me to go on to an anticoagulant. I objected to warfarin so she sent me to Dr. Blood who thought Apixaban may be most appropriate. 7 months later and all is fine. No side effects that I am aware of.


Hi my GP phone yest to say she will change me from warfarin to one of the newer anticoagulants. I am attending for baseline bloods this morning. She is speaking to pharmacist today to see the best way to proceed as no other patient in practice is on these drugs. So i am well pleased with the result thaanks for your replies


Good for you, NICE has been trying to get doctors to prescribe the NOACs (or so the papers have said) but it's cost, cost, cost I think, plus a lot of surgeries (mine included) are all set up for warfarin and have no experience of the new drugs. Hardly anyone in Wales is on them, you have to have a bad reaction to warfarin to be considered as far as I know. Our doctor just said no. I'm glad you stuck to your guns and got somewhere, but I think you're lucky. Doctors should be moving over, but they're not. Fortunately I seem to do okay on warfarin and I know people who would much rather be on it, so I guess it's each to their own!


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