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Probiotics have done it for me - Part II

Just a quick update on my posting of a month ago ( where I outlined how a probiotic called acidophilus, in high dose form, had seemingly kept me free of AF episodes. From 2009 when I was first diagnosed with AF until the day I started taking acidophilus I had been having increasingly frequent episodes, in the end, sometimes two or three a day and I was sure that I was on my way to permanent AF. Acidophilus stopped that in its tracks and it's now over 2 months since my last episode. It doesn't cure AF of course but AF without the F is a very tolerable condition, believe me!

We're all different I know and if it comes crashing down for me, I'll let you know. But, fingers crossed, it's looking very hopeful......

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I'm very happy for you and also for your understanding that it isn't a cure. For me if it improves QOL that really is all you can ask.



After your previous post I started taking it too , I'll let you know how I get on.


Thanks for the information - I will try to get hold of some!



Ps found some on amazon, will give them a shot.


That's encouraging - I was beginning to think it was only me!

Whoops I can't delete this - I now realise you probably mean ' will try to get hold of some'


They are in my "basket" along with an iPad adapter and a box of grasshoppers (don't ask) once I can get to the corner shop and buy some credit I'll order them.

I'd read about probiotics before reading your post. It's worth a try.

I'd stand on my head in the corner if I thought it might reduce my AF episodes.

Ps - amazon works differently in Japan too.


Take care that your acidophilus doesn't contain the nasty 'maltodextrin'. That always sets my heart racing.


It does Jean but doesn't seem to affect my heartrate.


That's good to hear. I managed to find some without the maltodextrin - Bioglan Gastrohealth Daily Probioticfrom H&B. They were expensive, but I was desperate to try and see if they helped and I think they have so thanks for recommending. I don't know why, but additives to food, tablets, etc tend to affect my PAF. I've often wondered if it's because I was brought up on a farm and my dad grew all our veg organically and our tap water came from a spring. However, being a child of the 1950's-60s I guess none of us from that era were exposed to so many additives as today.


Check out his site: public.naturallynovascotia....

Ingredients of their probiotics are listed below. On the site, click on each ingredient to see the explanation.



Bifidobacteria Bifidum


Fermented Soy

Inactive Yeast

Jerusalem Artichoke

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lactobacillus bifidum

Lactobacillus rhamnosus






Spelt Germ

Wheat Germ

This manufacturer is located near where I live. I just learned about it a couple of days ago and the person who told me has thoroughly researched organic supplements for their own health and thinks this company is one of the very best.

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I bought some today, a 4 month supply (8billion per capsule - who counts them I don't know) to see what happens.

Looking back when my AF went from an occasional discomfort to a regular uncomfortable condition it was after a very bad bout of d and v.

Hence my thoughts on trying this, I did ask my GP back in blighty about the possibility that d and v was connected but he poo pooed the idea (scuse the pun)

I'd try anything to reduce AF within reason, this one made sense with me and my history so will give it a go.


Hmm, mine have 20 billion per capsule - hope I'm not overdosing.!!


For what it's worth my dose is 10 million daily but presumably the little blighters reproduce.....?


So far, so good. I started 2 weeks ago and have to say things "feel" more settled. I've not had any blips, or extra beats since starting which is unusual.

I average (if this is the right way to phrase it) 1 or 2 long episodes a month and a few blips / extra beats each week. So it's a slight improvement.

My bowels have become more regular and the smell has changed. Also a more regular texture to the movements!

(Can't believe I'm discussing my bowels with a bunch of strangers)

I've also started a bit of a diet. I eat nothing but whole weat bread/toast and fruit or sald for breakfast and lunch and have a normal meal at dinner time. I would change that too but as we live in a large extended family it's difficult to impose my dietary will on the entire house. I am trying to eat less meat and more greens, fruit and veg.

It's not exactly the chip diet but it's an improvement for me.

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