Probiotic Update - High Dose Acidophilus Capsules

Hi folks,

It's over two months now since I wrote here about acidophilus capsules, a high dose pro-biotic that I had started using (

I'm just wondering how others - who said they might give it a go - are getting on.

It has completely transformed my AF condition. My AF episodes had increased in frequency over the 4 years since diagnosis to the point where I was having more than one a day, always after meals or snacks. Permanent AF was just around the corner, or so I thought. Then on an IBS associated online forum, entirely unconnected with AF, came a recommendation from someone who had found complete relief with acidophilus capsules. I had always thought that if I could stop the digestive issues I had, which were always responsible for triggering my AF, I might reduce my episodes.

And boy, has it done that! Apart from a single brief episode caused by my stupidly consuming an entire pack of Cambozola cheese in one five minute sitting (my god, it's delicious!), I have had no AF episodes in what is now nearly 10 weeks.

Cured of AF? No of course not but if you don't get AF episodes, hasn't it got to be the next best thing?

So, who else has been this lucky?

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  • That sounds amazing, are they any particular make or strength?

  • I got them from Holland & Barrett Suzie, though there are other retailers who do them of course. Mine are 10 billion per dose - though I haven't counted them! You can get higher but this dose seems to do the business for me. Let me know how you get on if you decide to give it a try.

  • Will do, definitely going to get some as my AF often starts after eating and 'rumbling in the bilges'

  • I bought some pro-biotic capsules on the forum's advice but as it turned out they had maltodextrin in I didn't take them - but my other half reckons they are doing him some good! Of course, he doesn't have AF...

  • Hi Leelac - Yes I followed your advice and started taking probiotic tablets, probably about 6 weeks ago. The ones I bought were 20 billion strength and without maltodextrin from H&B. I worried at first that they might be too strong, but I can gleefully report back that I've had no PAF episodes since and my IBS appears to have been cured. It's too early to say I'm definitely cured, but I'm really hoping that's the case. Cambozolo cheese, yes I agree it's great and like you I would probably have wanted to eat the lot!!!

    Thank you so much for making me aware of your success with these tablets.

  • I'm so pleased Jean. Rellim should note that you can avoid maltodextrin if you need to, though my capsules do have it in. I know we keep hearing that "we're all different" but this has been so amazing, there must be others out there who could benefit. Yes I think it safe to say that IBS is a thing of the past for me and though we can't say we are cured of AF, it's right nice not to have episodes, isn't it? Long may that continue for both of us.....

  • I did go to Holland & Barrett but they could give me no assurances that what they sold was compatible with warfarin, so I went to Boots and got theirs - and then read the small print. Will have another go. We used to eat a lot of yoghurt, but it is so laden with sugar and I don't much like the 0% fat ones as they are so thin. They improve with a dollop of extra thick cream stirred in....

  • Certainly pro-biotics, of any sort, can raise Vitamin K levels so it would be wise to keep a closer eye on INR results - perhaps a few more frequent visits to the clinic. In my own case it made no difference at all and it was not necessary to change my warfarin dosage.

  • Well, INR! It was heading down last time it was tested. I've a check in about 2 weeks.

  • If you are in any way concerned about INR levels don't feel you have to wait until the date the clinic put in the yellow book. Go earlier if it puts your mind at rest. You will never be refused an 'earlier than usual' test.

  • I'm really just jogging along on warfarin at the moment and don't feel a test will reassure me much. It's OK with me if it's on the low side. I do take the exact dose prescribed on time every day but I have very little faith in the protection warfarin gives me. When I was really trying to keep my INR level it shot up from 2.7 to 3.5 in four days and I can't explain why. It wasn't anything to do with eating vitamin K as I had all but cut it out from my diet then, partly because of my husband's strict low fibre diet at the time. We're eating much more widely now, but this seemed to have little effect on my INR, although it had dropped in a month from 2.3 to 2.1. This seemed to be regarded as fine and I was asked to go back in 6 weeks. I've an appointment with my GP the day after my INR test and an EP's appointment a week after that and then I hope I'll have a clearer picture of my way forward. My children favour warfarin, my husband would prefer me to be on apixaban, and I'm sure I'll regret agreeing to whatever everyone decides is best for me.

  • "It's ok with me if it's on the low side" ? Not below 2, I hope and the high end of 2 is the generally favoured place to be nowadays.

  • My INR has only been over 2.0 ten times out of 28, but has got over 2.5 three times. It's currently 2.1 and my surgery thinks this is OK. As I had weekly tests for 3 months, I know how it wavers and I wonder if 2.1 was a high or a low. If I continue with warfarin I will buy a gadget and test myself on a more frequent basis. Looking at my yellow book, it's a tale of woe, frankly. But I did achieve 5 weeks in the therapeutic range on 8.7mgs and managed to have my ablation. I'm now down to 8.3mgs. I would love to be free of the warfarin way of life. I don't feel it is my friend at all.

  • Two things Rellim, those dosage figures you gave can't be correct as the smallest warfarin dose is 0.5, so you can't have been on 8.3 and 8.7. It might be an idea just to check that. Secondly, have you asked about alternatives to warfarin?

  • This is my average daily dose - 8mgs five days, 9 for two per week. Yes, I have asked about alternatives and as I am good at cuts, bruises and fractures, they frighten me, as does warfarin. As I mentioned, there is opposition from both my children. My son's partner is an anaesthetist and thus he speaks with authority. He says toe the warfarin line and don't complain.

  • G'day leelec,

    Well done. I went through all this about 4 years ago and I hope that this on its own is enough to fix things. BUT - a word of warning it may not and down the track you may have to consider foods and drinks you have and adjust your diet accordingly - in conjunction with your probiotics. I was advised to have VSL#3 brand, 450billion bacteria per 4.4g satchet (powder) and this was one of 3 measures to combat my digestive issues, the other two were going gluten free and following (more or less) the very demanding FODMAPS diet. Incidently - I now cannot remember my last AF event. Also, incidently, VSL#3 has had at no time any affect on my INR at all.


    Aussie John

  • Thank you John, your caution is noted and understood - nothing taken for granted. However, I think one of the simple messages from all of this is clear and it's not really a surprise to many of us. If we can reduce or eliminate our digestive disorders, then this will more than likely reduce the frequency of AF episodes. I appreciate that there will be those for whom digestive issues are not a trigger for their AF but having cruised this forum for a couple of years now, I believe I'm right in thinking that they are probably in the minority.

  • I shall be getting these asap & will report back. I recall taking these some years back when I was on a prolonged course of antibiotics & feeling pretty good. Sandra

  • Hi leelec. Another fascinating thread. I developed ulcerative colitis in the latter half of 2011 and then a rather nasty dvt at the very end of that year. From the onset of the colitis symptoms (around July 2011) until about March 2012 my af went into overdrive (although never picked up during any of my frequent visits to my doctor). I can only assume that those two conditions were responsible for the sudden and dramatic increase in frequency of the af episodes. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Also, whilst writing may I ask if anyone has seen an improvement in the number and strength of their ectopic beats whilst taking the probiotic? Thanks very much. With all good wishes to you all. Peter

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