Does anyone have raging wind when their AF starts. Is it a Vagal nerve connection ?

I have acid reflux and a small hiatus hernia and am on a proton pump inhibitor drug to help. However the chronic wind and AF episodes are something quite different. Once the wind starts (it is so loud everyone around can hear it) the pulse goes mad and AF kicks in. My PAF episodes are highly symptomatic with chest pain, fainting, palpitations, heart rate 200+ and very raised BP. A&E monitoring is required each time. Does anyone have the same thing. Its a chicken and egg situation AF = wind, or wind starts AF - which. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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  • Hi Meadfoot

    Snap ! Very similar.I've no idea what causes the wind .very "burpy" (not very ladylike) I try to be discreet.I am very symptomatic with PAS episodes but don't have chest pain or such high pulse rate as you ,the beta blockers have that under control now..


  • Hi Feejbee. Sorry you have the same symptoms but pleased I am not alone in this. Some doctors see there could be a connection others look at you as if you are weird. None have offered a solution though to date. Thanks and good luck.

  • I sympathise, I have the same problem? A pharmacist told me after I collapsed with acid stomach pain, and AF outside my local chemist, of the connection between Af and the Vagus/vagal nerve, when I told her about my acid attacks, and not knowing whether they caused the AF or visa versa.

    I wish doctors and especially Cardio's would get 'wized' up on this !

  • Thanks dirose. I agree cardio's only seem to respond when pushed on this. I have not had any satisfactory answer from medics other than to agree it may be connected. Don't think anything is being done to ascertain a way forward or whether GERD, acid reflux, is a AF catalyst with a solution attached to dampen AF or eradicate it. My GP gives me a proton pump inhibitor for stomach acid reflux. However the wind is very different than usual when it comes along with a AF episode. I remain completely convinced of a connection just dont know what to do about it. Good luck.

  • Thanks for this, I too am convinced of a connection, as was the head pharmacist at Boots chemist. Severe pain, like acid erosion ,as opposed to wind, is my problem.

  • Hi Dirose. Are you on a proton pump inhibitor. I am on 15mg Lansoprazole. They do help with the acid issue. I have been taking them for four years prescribed by my cardiologist when I first presented at hospital and was diagnosed with AF as I had just had an endoscopy a few weeks previously due to excessive stomach acid. Best wishes.

  • Yes, meadfoot, I am on Omeprazole. 80 mgs daily at the moment due to stomach problems, that have not been properly assessed yet. I was on 20 mgs twice daily for years to control the acid, this has recently been increased. Have. You tried these? I think I should have an endoscopy!

  • I don't have that particular symptom, though people with digestive issues often find that the fullness after a meal, or hiatal hernia problem can trigger an attack. Many people often notice an increase in urination during the first hour or so of the A Fib episode too which is because of a hormone that is released from the fibrillating atria. It's all just so much fun, right gang ? ;-)

  • Thanks for the reply SRM Grandma. What a tricky condition AF is. Oh for a straightforward life again!!

  • The vagal nerve has roots which go to both stomach and heart so anything which sets off one, could affect the other. Many people have vagal AF and find that careful attention to diet can reduce their episodes considerably, while other people do not appear to be affected in this way. I know of people who have cut out a particular food and found great relief but it is not guaranteed. MSG seems to be one killer trigger but cooked cheese(pizza), fructrose, gluten etc. have all been claimed as such.

    While on this subject, you are right about the p problem SRMG, I can't recall the name of the hormone but it is released by the distressed heart. Never mind the first hour I used to go every ten minutes for hours during attacks. lol


  • Thanks for the response and advice BobD. I agree about the need to dash to the loo ongoing while in an AF episode. Hope they find a cause and cure for AF sooner rather than later.

  • This is the scoop on the hormone that causes the urinary frequency during AF:

    Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), atrial natriuretic hormone (ANH), Cardionatrine, Cardiodilatine (CDD) or atriopeptin, is a powerful vasodilator, and a protein (polypeptide) hormone secreted by heart muscle cells. It is involved in the homeostatic control of body water, sodium, potassium and fat (adipose tissue). It is released by muscle cells in the upper chambers (atria) of the heart (atrial myocytes) in response to high blood pressure. ANP acts to reduce the water, sodium and adipose loads on the circulatory system, thereby reducing blood pressure.

  • Wow SRMGrandma, that is a comprehensive answer to the urine connection. Cheers.

  • They know the cause but everybody is different so "cure" is a difficult one. It is all very new science and every year seems to bring improvements in results for ablation but even after "successful " ablation there appears to be a 50% chance of return within five years. I will be at four years this June!


  • I agree BobD. Hope you are one of the 50% where Ablation has done the trick long term. Good luck.

  • That just about covers it then. Imagine how that affects people with a pre-existing prostate problem or like me without one!


  • Hi Meadfoot,

    That's me too!! Think the wind comes first and I have likened it to Mount Etna errupting it is so noisy. I can't lie down in bed or turn on my left side when like this as I know that at 2.30 am an episode will start. Am eating earlier, smaller portions and have tried peppermint tea, ugh! didn't like it at first but it does now feel soothing. Have tried to find other things to calm the vagus nreve but not having much success, although my husband did find that cheese and red wine set off his flutter. Was even thinking of going to see a nutritionalist. Sorry you have such distressing symptoms.

  • Hi Lizzily. Sorry to hear you have the same wind issues. With regard to food and drink, I steer clear of caffeine for obvious reasons and bananas, thai food - its the coconut that does it and lettuce which gives me wind. I drink lots of warm water. I think the idea of seeing a nutritionist is an excellent one, perhaps they could help more fully than medics in this instance. Good luck, take care.

  • Yes the wind is so dreadfull ,and the need to urinate. but i think that must be causing the headaches losing so much fluid. so i will drink more water for sure.......

  • Yes my doc has said to keep well hydrated at all times. Thanks and good luck.

  • whenever I have an attack of SVT I have a troponin leak what is this, is it a hormone

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