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Pace and Ablate (CRT-d) Implantation Part II

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I have been in permanent AF since June 2017. Ablation didn't work nor did drug therapies. My AF even broke through Amiodarone. It was agreed that Pace and Ablate strategy would give me the best chance of a normal life. Initially I went in 15 August (2017) but they were unable to the device in. I was called back in on 22 August (2017) for round 2. (A seven day turnaround is I think quite impressive and a testament to our NHS.)

I'm am now pleased to say that the CRT-d is now implanted and is functioning. My shoulder (now opened up twice) looks like something off a butchers block and hurts like the devil but at least it is in.

In my case the pacemaker function was turned on but I was warned that it's impact may be minimal as the AF is causing my heart to beat too fast for the pacemaker to do it's job. They will leave the Pacemaker in place and turned on until I have the 'ablate' part of the procedure. Once the AV Node is 'fried' the pacemaker will kick in and I should start to feel the benefits.

Having said that I do feel better able to breath and I have noticed that my resting heart rate has dropped from 110 to 70. So maybe it is having a small effect.

So looking forward to the future.

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Interesting to hear how you are getting on. Glad all is ok so far. Wait to hear how you are after the AV node is ablated.

All the best


Glad to hear you are on your way! Looking forward to your future updates. X

Very interested to hear of your experience. My EP mentioned it as a possibility for me. I am listed for an ablation but have been warned that there could be difficulties due to a previous heart attack, about which I have no knowledge or recollection.

Keep posting please to let us have news of your progress.

Good luck and good health.

Hope everything goes well for you :o)

All very interesting, look forward to your further updates.Hope next stage goes well and a good outcome for you

Hope it works well for you.

Hope everything goes to plan and you feel so much better after

I was in the same place as you, since having my crt pacemaker, 4 years ago, I have not had AF

They did not carry out the ablate after receiving Pacemaker as I did not have any more AF

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Hi Bstanding,

I am in permanent AF and I will probably be in permanent AF for the rest of my life - unless they come up with a cure.

Just to confirm. CRT-D Pace and Ablate will not stop anyone getting AF but it will may make the symptoms of AF more bearable and improve the performance of the heart.

In my case they will continue with the Ablation of the AV Node as this will allow the Pacemaker to 'do it's thing' and improve my quality of life.

Perhaps you have a different type of pacemaker than I. I have the Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy and Defibrillator pacemaker.

Good news on your AF not returning.

I was told it would not cure my Af but stop me collapsing, it is 4years now since I have had my pacemaker,I was in heart failure apparently my heart was in a dreadful state, the action of the crt pacemaker has improved the function of my heart, I was told that my heart is almost back to normal. I have not had Af in four years.

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