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AV Node Ablation with pacemaker


Scheduled for AV Node Ablation in November. I'm concerned that I will be missing an opportunity for better treatment if i have this ablation. There seems to be more negative information than positive except from the medical doctors.

I have had two ablations for A Fib and two ablations for A Flutter. One cardioversion which kept me in rhythm for 16 months. My doctor told me he would not do another regular ablation or cardioversion , I had to have an AV ablation with a pacemaker and be permanently on blood thinner.

I'm meeting with my doctor in a few weeks to go over the procedure and would love some feedback.

I am also trying to get into the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion.

Thank You.

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It doesn't sound as if you have any other options as you have already had the 'better' treatment and it hasn't worked. There are people who go on and on having ablations but I wouldn't, I'd prefer to have pace and ablate and get on with my life but that's purely my personal feeling. If your personal feeling is that you don't want it maybe another doctor would be willing to try again.

Best wishes whatever you decide 💜


Describe "better treatment". All and any treatment for AF is only ever about improving quaity of life so if everything else has failed why reject the next option. You would have the pacemaker inserted first which may possibly help and then after some weeks once it is stable then the AV node would be ablated. This would ensure that your ventricular rate and therefor your pulse would be stable and steady leaving the rest of your heart to play whatever games it wants. That way energy levels and general health should be improved. I know of many people who have said the procedure(s) changed their life.

lockerbie in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. I needed to hear some positive responses. Although my Cardiologist still thinks I’m to young to have such a final procedure. Hopefully in the next few years we will have some terrific breakthroughs for all of us.

BobDVolunteer in reply to lockerbie

That would be nice. So would world peace and probably more chance!

Lockerbie my situation is similar to yours except I’ve had the AV Node Ablation.

May I say it’s the best procedure I’ve had with this journey of AF.

It’s given me back my quality of life. I even said to my Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist why didn’t I have this procedure in the first.

I’ve gone from daily episodes of AF to one episode in a six month period. The pacemaker records every heartbeat.

I’ve had the pacemaker for seven years and the AVNA happened three years ago.

All without incident.

I hope this makes it easier to make your decision.

Kind regards


I appreciate your dilemma but I agree entirely with the other correspondents. I live an energetic and symptom free life with my pacemaker whilst my atria is not involved. Have just had my annual pacemaker check and after eight years it seems I still have another six to eight years battery life left before I need a replacement. They do last a long time.

I have had pace and ablate, the av ablation was done last year. I had primary vein isolation but only lasted a few months as it seems I have scaring on my heart, I also had 5 cardioversions

And was tried on all the medications but nothing stopped my AF. My specialist told me AVNA was my last resort, which I didn’t particularly like the sound off. However it was the best thing I ever did. I had no quality of life before,had no energy and daily routines were a struggle. I would say I’m 80% better. My only concern was about being on blood thinners for life so I am seeing my specialist in regards to having the Watchman device fitted, if I’m eligable for it. Good luck with whatever you decide😀

Thank you ! You have given me hope!

O have had my pacemaker for 4 weeks now and must say that after the initial wobble for about 2 weeks where my heart was like 'what have you done to me?' my symptoms have improved. I don't feel dizzy anymore and my heart is now settling. I am also less tired.

I have my AVNA scheduled for 9th Oct. I'm looking forward to no longer needing to take beta blockers to stop my heart racing. I'm fed up with feeling my atrium and ventricles having an ongoing barney! As BobD said 'the atrium can play what games it likes' At least my ventricles will no longer play silly wotsits because of my atriums bad behaviour.

Hope that helps towards your decision lockerbie.

CornPoppy in reply to Marina_D

Thank you for your encouragement.i have my A V next week . Can you tell me how long did it take to recover I do regular exercise and walk my dog your advice would be appreciated.

Marina_D in reply to CornPoppy

Hi CornPoppy,

I haven't had my AV node ablation. That's not until 9th Oct (next week), so I can't give you any advice on that bit, not yet anyway.

When did you get your pacemaker put in?

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