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I am off to Spain next week and looking for travel insurance. Getting cover seems to be easy for an extra cost, my challenge is I am still under investigation. I am diagnosed with PAF and Meniere's and history of TIA's. But waiting for a MRI, routine heart scan as being investigated for something Nuerological. I am finding its nothing to do with pre-existing medical diseases that's the easy part, the decline of cover is more to do with ongoing investigations. Can anybody recommend any companies please? I do have my E111.

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  • Hi Poppyseed, I have found All Clear and Staysure helpful but the test is always what happens if you have to make a claim!

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday


  • We're with SAGA (AF declared) but don't think they will cover something where you are awaiting results. Not certain, may be worth asking.


  • Hi, Try Good to Go, friends of mine found they were quite good

    hope you are successfull Have a good a holiday wish it was me.


  • Shirley, I've been away for the past 2 years with 'Holidaysafe' .

    They were on a Which list of holiday insurers for pre existing health conditions.

    I went away this year whilst awaiting results from a MRI scan and another 48hr monitor. Holidaysafe knew that and all they asked was that I kept them informed.


  • Thanks all for your support, I have only tried on the Internet.looks like I need to call them, :)

  • Hi Pat,

    Just tried the company you mentioned and they will not cover AF etc because I am waiting for tests and investigation s. Maybe something is changing with insurance.

  • On the phone to them now. Fingers crossed!

    Will cover the AF but not Meniere 's disease because of the MRI they are doing. You are right they accepted scan and monitor check for AF. £375 excess, only £21 for single trip. I will use these again. Thank you

  • Who did you use in the end Poppyseed?


  • Poppyseed, who did you use. I am off to Turkey in 2 weeks and need to get my holiday insurance x

  • I used Holidaysafe mentioned above. Do ring them though rather than input online as I was declined initially online. The lady I spoke too checked everything with an underwriter and in the end gave me some cover.

  • Woohooooo..... That was my suggestion! ; ))

    (can't help it, I'm very competitive)


  • Ithats one I haven't tried Pat, will give it a go next time!

  • AllClear covered me whilst I was waiting for my ablation. I also have Meneires and am on thyroxine. The cost was quite competitive too

  • Thank you everybody for your kind help xx

  • Do you have an EHIC? I had to get one of those too when I went to Portugal...


  • Yes I do, but I have never had to rely on it before. Is it good?

  • Yes I do, but I have never had to rely on it before. Is it good?

  • Just got cover with All Clear with pending ablation

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