Excercise and low INR reading?

Hi me agin, for the past two weeks since I came home from hospital my INR has been 2.5 and so I was 2.5 a few days and then 3mg for two days. When I went back this week it was 1.7 again. The day before I was out with my grandson shopping for quite a few hours here there and everywhere. Could this have caused my drop? Also can anyone tell me if the sun affects the way warfarin acts, as I am a Leo and love to sit in the sun. I do not know what i will do if this is so. At 72 years of sunshine it will be like telling me to stop breathing.

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  • Hi Dottlin

    Sun does not affect warfarin, you'll be pleased to know, so that's one easy bit out of the way

    Being up and down with your INR is quite common, and not usually linked to exercise, it's normally much more diet related think about what you have eaten compared to previously if you are looking for a reason, but many of us take a long time to settle into a regular INR.

    Be well


  • Hi Ian, thanks for that. I feel great to know that. As for diet, I have had no appitite for weeks now and not eating properly, but I dont drink now as that scares me and my cupboard is full of wine, also I dont smoke, gave up 8 years ago when I had double femeral graft, artery from heart blocked like a dirty drain. After that was done I could run and walk for wales, ha ha. Thanks again


  • That's your problem Dotti warfarin needs a regular diet, so that's why your INR is up and down, and a glass of wine is fine occasionally.

    Be well


  • I agree, mostly. I have a couple of glasses of red wine 5 evenings a week and my INR has never strayed outside 2.3 to 2.5. over the last 18 months for which I have been on warfarin.

    I regard the red wine as medicinal, of course; as recommended by many in the medical profession.

  • I beg to differ very slightly - but INR is very personal. Mine wanders and I believe it is affected by how much I do. It seems to drop significantly if I exercise and shoot up when I do nothing. In addition I suspect that stress may make it rise so, conversely, if you are having a happy time, it may go down!

    If this is right, you must have had fun with your grandson, Dottlin!

  • Hi well my grandson is nearly 30 this month and he justs help me when ever I need to do something or go shopping. Take care

  • Oh, lucky you - I'm a bit adrift - We're a two generation family: children under 30 and our parents, long since gone, would all be over 100.

  • Yes my daughter is 50 in May and my son 47 September. Makes me feel my age when I think about it but when I am with them I feel young again.

  • You may already be enjoying the next generation!

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