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INR blip (3.6) last's results!!

Hello All

Just got back from GP surgery. My result today was spot on at 2.5!!!

I confessed to the nurse about ignoring the computers 'advice', because if I had taken what it suggested, this would have worked out at total of only 33mg over 7 days, Whereas my smaller tweak gave me a total of 35mg. My usual dose for last 2 years has been 36mg per week, and out of 10 tests I have only been out of range once. (I know this is not the right way to measure it- but its the easiest way to explain!!).

I also feel that 3.6 to 2.5, in only 7 days is quite a big drop, so the computer's dose may well have taken me below 2.......which would have sent my anxiety levels soaring!!!

The 'nurse' it turns out, is just a Healthcare Assistant, got a bit flustered at my confession, so she has to get the practice nurse to phone me later. All you who have INR nurses and INR clinics are very fortunate I feel!!

Next test in 2 weeks time........

Anyway thanks to Bob, Eatsalottie, Jeanjeannie50, ILowe, pottypete1, carneuny and anyone else who took an interest and repiled to my post last really DO feel like you are among friends on this forum!! x

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Glad to hear you're back to 'normal' !

BTW do you know if there is a support group who meet for a 'nosh and natter' on the South coast? I'm on the mainland I the New Forest but could easily get to Southampton or Portsmouth if you're likely to be over here? Perhaps we could set up our own?


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I am not aware that there is.........I managed to make contact (thru' this Forum) with a lady on the island, who I now refer to as my "AF Buddy" and we meet for chats occasionally.

It would be a nice idea to try and set something up......Portsmouth would be better for me......and Gunwharf has lots of choice for "nosh" that's for sure!

I am planning on retiring at end of February and will then have some time to think about this......perhaps in the meantime you could put a request on the Forum, seeing how many of us there are down here in the south who might be interested??!

Message me?


Lin (aka Wightbaby)


Hi Lin

That sounds good, I'm semi retired so could do a week day, I'll see who's available for something in March when hopefully the weather better!

Take Care


AKA Clarap60



Could you possibly remind me?? With so much going on at mo.....retirement imminent, I am bound to forget, or lose your post!!


I'm very glad it went back in so easily! Well done for thinking it through and getting it sorted out. Mine was at 3.9 for the second time on retest, so I await a test this Friday with interest! Down to 8mg and 7mg twice a week at the moment, which is low for me. And we're on holiday for a few days celebrating my hubby's 60th, so I have been consuming an interesting mix of lots of leafy green veg and some rather nice wine. I fear the CoaguChek may explode :)


Most "blood ladies" are only HC assistants usually and they do rely on their compooter! Mine is used to me now and I always tell her what I am going to do regardless of what "it" says.

Ga;ld everything back to normal. It is a wise person who knows their own body.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Bob, it means a lot!


Well done Wightbaby.... way to go!


Glad it is back in the zone.

Take care



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